My Ears Are Blessed With: “Princess Mononoke – Legend Of Ashitaka Theme”

senseless … the strug gle, the need to have company now, and the desire to be alone. confusing right? maybe it just have to be hanging around the correct company~ haha~
so far, F Ms G Js A W K B are my prefered company~ hmmm~ hmmm~

well.. those were thoughts when i board the extremely crowd train this morning. The squishy crowd freaks me out~ or rather.. irriates me. there’s are times i deserve to be alone.

it’s a big day. and boy, i have the greatest shock of my life during ssa lecture. not because there were cute ppl around. hmm.. i dun meant hedgehog (big head, hehe) :>

cos.. the this week’s lecture basiacally explains almost all of my pts for this topic’s essaY. I almost faint from shock. sharks man!

slipeed into depression~ wtf sia… i researched n did an essay.. and the lovely lecturer did a close summery to my essay.. well. almsot halF. YUCK! a friend mentioned, wa. at least u got QC, to know it before the lect~ grace~haha

in the end (sadly) i just spend the last 2 hrs editing n adding n deling some stuff… the mission to start on SEA esay n geo practial was gonE

WAT a HELLDAY! at least, i know i have cool friends~

oh yar… tis site has hit the 5000 mark.. a great achievement for a insigfiancant whiner~

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –