flamingoes are white. they are NOT white! let me educate everyone here this. the base color of flamingoes are white. it’s what they eat and when they are in huge water bodies tt make tt appear pink to the naked eye. it’s an issue of pigments. haha~

was a fun day~ this theory was the cook of the day at archery~ oh ya.. i must really insist.. yellow is my favourite color~ and i’m proud of it~ cos i’m a yellow yellow dirty fellow` lalal~ *jingles~

the dye on the head turn black all of a sudden…~ sobs~ well.. it lasted 3 weeks… sighs~ at least i comment tt black suits better from 3 friends today~ guess tt’s gd i think~ shall trust them.

anther said i look beng~ hoihoi~ nvm~ it’s okay to look beng` just as long i’m not beng ba~ haah~

it’s 0200 hrs.. no wonder i am feeling cracky~

the creepy 1 from archery came late today~ i christian him “THE onE”. it’s prounced as “D one” not as :the one:. cos he’s unique~ using the wrong prounication sounds him everywell. he is 1 creepy asshole~ yeaUP!

picture this scene. a row of my friends will be shooting arrows in our lane. take note. a whole row of 4 pretty girls. (i’m blessed, somewhat) “The One” will appear and start shooting on his lane. After a while, he appears to stop closer to the gals… closer n closer n closer, he edges towards the gals… until he’s shooting at OUR lane. he’s so close that he can almost breath our air. HOW gross. it’s true~

aha~, when “The One” appeared.. every1 freak outed. well.. maybe not bella n kathy~ but. mel.jinxun.me sure did~ and then as expected.. “The One” join our lanes… haha~ i almost fainted~ jinxun the GREAT then approached him.. n said: ” EXCUSE ME DOYOU MIND if YOU join the OTHER GALS in the END laneS? ” it’s so funny~ the verdict is final.~ i have the most interesting and coolest friendS! blissed!

the deal to watch movies was cancellled… was kind of sad. but then, there’s other chances… i guesss… lol~

surprising… i feel threatened today~ until i clarify some stuffs with someone~ feeling super blissed now~ at least the threat is gone~ hehe~

okay..time to zzz n have fun tml in chin biz lect with more cool mates!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –