i am indeed an irregular blogger~ well.. that’s me! it’s been a week since i last blog sia~ 7 days… if i drag some more, i will prob need to do a T-loan for fingers to do my maths. just fyi, especially the gals, T-Loan is army lingo. basically, T-loan = temporacy loan.

anyway, cut the crap. there’s actually a zillion issues i would like to blog for the past week. too many events.. so many that i can hardly remember~ all the urges to blog, yet when i enter this main page.. i chickened out.. well.. i wonder what i can really say online.

it’s weird that i can’t key in all the drastica moments when i would really like KILL some1. yeah.. it’s K-I-L-L. my tutors, my lectures, ppl i know~ etc~ just anyone. it’s sure a blessing that all the major shit on the essay and projects are coming to an end~ so blissed~ for the few who still have so struggle on~ i send u my blessings! may god blesss U. for assholes i know, (hmm.. dun think i know any), just subsitiure bless with BLAST. wahahaha!

anyway, interesting archey session ended last thurs~ a pity, only 3 of us went~ the other2-1 eye pain, 1 overload with essay didn’t really made it~ hai~ anyway.. i am so going to miss my thurs joyful session~ and my cool fri session too when chi biz lect ends~

heyhey.. now that i mentioned chi biZ lect.let me shall a eyepooping story i heard from some1. oh ya.. better not mentioned e name.. haha~ scandals… big head. here it goes:

QS 01: one day, doreamon was walking pass.. he saw hello kitty on the streets and waves hi… but hello kitty did not say hi back to doremon, Y?
ANS 01: cos hello kitty doesn’t has a mouth

QS 02: so now hello kitty went back and sew a mouth. she was determined to say hi back to doreamon. this time, it was doreamon who acted ‘dao’ and did say anything to hello kitty?
ANs 02: cos doreamon has no ears!!!

quite !@$&!%^!_!()$… to think this come from my friend~ hahaha! really scandally true!

i am indeed to going to miss my thurs n fris… sobs!

had the hell of 1 day. i just can’t stand 2 types of ppl.
world enemy no 1: weakenlings, wussies
world enemy no 2: little kids

01: silly dumbos who dun have a mind, and is mentally weak! flickle head arseholes; G-A-Y-S=:> i read them somewhere on a blog! these dun refer to guys who prefer man to women. in generally, gays are cool, until they hit on me. i meant other type of gays..—>

02: ppl who act like kids. ya.. screw u.. thinking ya mature,, when u have kids pea size brains aren’t cool! i know lots of beautiful ppl who look small n kiddy who are defineatly more mature then U ppl.

shall not elabaorate anymore.. it’s just piss me off~
msg me.. maybe i will tell u~ hahaah~

and that’s tt!
hmmm~ geo pract 02 cleared! cheeros to all mates!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –