it’s time for happy happy hollowEEEEeee…. trick or treat!!!

well… from the topic~ i just trick.. well.. i just gave some guy some arse…yeah.. dun mess with me and buZZzz off dude~

now, let me be childlish on a special night like this. A pity i never do like disclosing the bugger’s name. lol. well… i just rewarded HIM with a block on msn. Here’s the FINGER to u asshole…

this dude 1 weird chap… time and time again.. when he is online. and when i’m online.. he terrorizes me by msging me. he bugs me abt the anime Prince Of Tennis aka POT in short. faggot will alwasy pester me to send him the anime episodes tt he lacks or can’t find~

time after time i explain that i don’t have it on my hardisk, cos i have transfter it to cd format. futhermore, i have loan the series to another friend. now.. this moron will bugged me in harassing my friend for it. what a ass hole…

dispite his nonsense, i entertain him with his crapshit. i try helping him with the episodes via e internet to resolve his troubles. but NOOooo.. tt jerkball just whack me back when tt particualura part was not there… he whines to me… as of he has the right to do So. THAT’s ISSUE NUMBER ONE>

ISSUE NUMBER TWO> after i have done all these .. he says this..:
“someppl dun 1 2 help loh, wat can i do”. tt made me so pissed…
i dun see the obligations to help tt screwball.. he is obviosly a thickhead. he acts like a dumb kid~ a low intell~

now.. tt has successfully earn u a BLOCK on my list~ frag off dimwit!

u just hit the shit list for KBKBing and not appriehiating the effect done, for being throwing a tranturm at me.. i despite guys like u~

p/s: hmm… i am surprises.. my command of english for the bad has rocketed to NS state!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –