a friend of mine was feeling damm down these few days… the real impact came when when she got back 1 of the essay just today~ it dealt a killing blow to her ….

sometimes i feel that males are typically deprived of feeling for others … we do not know how to console the opp sex …. we are not able to fit into their shoes … we are not capable to resolve their problems.. we are incapable of doing anything tt will lessn the impact … in actual fact.. we r USELESS in emotional cues… do u agree?

yeah sure.. we can put on our mr fix it caps.. but it’s such matters that mr fix it can’t fix~ it’s an irony. and yes..we guys are known as com geek.. we are know as mr fix it… and we alwasy try to fix everything when ppl tell us their problems.. tt’s the guy’s way…

guys don need to cheer up` just a pat on their back.. hear them KBKB a bit.. n it’s all solve` simple~ guys r simple in this way~ gers are slightly more complex creatures in the emotional sense.

not every1 knows that all we have to do is to listen to ur troubles… not all of us have such witts… even the few who do possess such strengths.. we really can’t help it but put on MR FIX IT cap.

such is life. god make us all inperfect in ways…

i really wonder wat i can do for this partiucular friend~ can’t do anything to cheer her up. so. i chose to give her cheeky flirtious remarks~ i hope it did her gd~ well.. i do like her a bit anyway~ lol~ as i do like all my other FEMALE friends.. (sorrie.. guys)

so, J-chan~ hope ya feeling better sia~ do cheer up~

p-s: my neighbour’s pee toilet burst n still stinks despite after the plumber came!

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –