the whole room stinks~ wa LAO…..
1st my house water pipe burst.. and i spend 1 day of last week fixing it.. boring n WET.. althought it was fun~
noW>> MY neightbours toilet pipe buRST.. and the stinks of pee SUCKS!

i can’t mug or work or stardee in this situaion? i’m fading from pee smell.. gracious!

tt it.. i must mug in sch tml~ meet up with ppl like annie-kun, judy-chan….. i hate muggin…
there;s so many other more exciting thing like go out.. slacking..chilling.. gal watching… etc..
mugging is definatel not cool~ sbsianz….

y must we mug? Y? cos of the existance of demand n supply curve.. when they is increase supply of scholarss in sch who get straight As…… we c a raise in the demand of SG students mugging to get As…
i wonder how my life wil be when i face those arseholes when i take my chi minor mods… argh.. pure~ thye will lower my gpa or cap score… damm it..

k.. every1.. cheer UP! we can make it! n kick some ass!
now time to sleep n dream of nice things n hang around with cool ppl~

p-s jay songs r nice~ n tml’s sucide day with all the papers coming back.. i better get an cap of 4.. else.. i m dead.

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –