i’m totally losing it… i’ve gone totally bonkers… i’m totally uncool about it… i’m like totally totally stinking about it… i’m sound like my god-sis (she uses the word “I” in 9 of 10 sentences; she doesn’t know i have a blog… hehe~ athena~ *bleach*)

it was totally depressing…. it started in the day… the burst pee stank remained althought it has minize a lot (courtesy to my poor neightnbour)… secondly… the stank made me really sick and i miss soci rererereremakeup tutorial cos i simply had to crawl to the bathroom to puke…. gross…. i did crawl… seriously. i swear

shit increased in school~ it’s was like air raid attack for the continously 1 hour or so…. received 3 bombarments… the 1st was geo project~ shitty grades… the 2nd was chi biZ… shitty grades.. and i got back my sea essay at tutorial.. shittier grades –> i die then

the geo project shit was expected. the chi biz was terrible…cos y? this is a an extract from the comments i got from my old school dumbo ass Tutor “the chinese business is definatly NOT under SEIDGE!!! ur topic is not suitable” i was like..

1. WTF is ur freaking ass problem~? can’t u accept tt fact i like my thesis n i suported my stand? Nooo.. u have rob my right to chose. U are too freaking OLD sch to have a mind of ur own~ ya right~ go n live on with ur narrow bandwidth floppy disk pea brain. a paper that thesis tt go against the ecture is unique n creative~ jsut because i wrote something tt is beyond wat u teach~ it does not meant it’s wrong!

2. 2nd~ i acknowlegde tt fact tt my pts are generaly moe inclinced to anti chi biz n ther are some flaws to it. but hey~ do u have to emphaize n keep on ur regid insistence tt chi biz rocks? to hell with U


sea paper…. i made a careless mistake..mix 1 thing wrong~ i earn tt bad grade~ sighs.. nthing to say~


maybe i am too competitve for my own gd~ maybe i’m just too stress on other issues~ morale n some shit` maybe i’m overwhelm with pride.. maybe i just overzeal~

you may assume i come from a family who have high expections… you may think i am ambitious… you may think tt my family stress me up… or u just think i’m 1 high egoist fool

nope~ my parents dun give a shit abt who i do or chose~ i have complete freefom over my life… yeah.. complete control~ i can sleepoever.. do vices as long i’m inform them~ and not do anythin tt spolits the family name~ they care~ but they r liberal ppl~ totally freeform given to me~and thats a lot trust n faith in giving tt authority to me. i love u dad n mom~ However, the issue is… the power u grant me just exerts and unseen pressure on me… namely myself execting pressure on me.

handling other moral issues haven already made me breathless~ i dun need SINGLE MIND IDIOTS as my tutors!!! (read above segment)

there is indeed high competition in my pri sch n in my sec sch life~ well.. it’s not high.. it’s exceeding limitations. we compete in everything. games. stardees. standings.. name it.. we’ll do it! althought i slacken a lot in jc….. the power play~ political struggle + the manipulate-ive environment has toughen every1 up~ in addition~ the achievements n recongiition of importance in me in the army had make me what i am now~ i was the best in my field. i know it` n every ranking beamer knows it~ otherwise.. y am i pulled everywhere?

–> eager to achieve, complete, outperform, out manoeuvre

to fall from the role of the best shaken me. indeed it did~ getting rejected in the past wasn’t tt or shakening~ in fact~ it was just sianz~ this is too much~ my world cracked. scarred~justed like when K died~


sure was a blessin when friends were there. the prescene helped. just being there.. talking stuff was cool~ it help even when no1 knows~ at least i was;t able to think of shit ~ u r e best my dear~


but hey~, just when i though!!!t it was going to geo… we got back pratical 2 results.. shitty grades again.. tr has the cheek to laugh.. not funny mate~


the whole days was falling BANANAS… yes.. i got straight Bs.. for everything today~ 4 X Bs. it’s goodbye to 4 yrs n hello to 3 yrs nus life

yadayada..the world is falling~ dun bother telling me u got worse then me..cos u R not me after all? think u got a sadder expereicne..? buzz off..cos u dun know my life in army~ the hell i know n lives… been a trooper who’s has ovehwleming garang training? and belittle my psot as comms storeman? fuck off~ i do all the fuck planning n handle all the shit from the Chief of guards army~ UDON”T . so fuck off~ think ya havinf shit now? i’m not interested~ this is my blog


after reading all the shit? do u still love me?

well…i do love every1. indeed i go. yes… the guys are counted, for once

at least i know i have gd friends who bothered~ 10x peeps~ gals n guys(?) u rock

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –