wat can i say… 2 down, 3 to go? hmmm.. tt’s the only positive thing today thatt has bothered to happen. well… besides having the geo paper which was kindof hailarious…. it was leeched… cos the questions were really similar to the past yr papers~ i am happy~ n blissed~

earlier morning mugging was rewarding.. saw n interact with more interesting ppl today, in the morning… feel so much better after slacking in the morning with ah blur! haha~ see ppl blur blur… lightened the exam mood~ lol~

shit started happening today…. around the dinner time…
i really shouldn’t haven bothered to stay back sia… it was totally brain draining after the geo paper… even happy going ah blur was faced dead… we were all trying to cramp everything into our skull.. lol
it’s blessing blur got sweets..annie got chocs to keep us recharged.
so we did got some work done! haah~ completed mugging cnm again.. yawns….

the 2 later comers from e exams came n joined us… sleepy piggy came for a while n went back to zzzzz…. wa lao… jio us mug.. she herself went back to pig in pgp… lol!
exams drain every1 loh!

shit happened next. i question the world; have u ever lost a friend due to silly childish rumors? u did? congrats.. welcome to my life.
i experience tt back in the old days.. and i am NOT ready to have tt taste again.

do u know i almost tried to killed u when u start spew nonsense? then.. if there were only guys.. things would have turn out ugly.. u got lucky ass…

next time u bothered to snipe at me again… u know… i’m not nickname “scary” for nothing 1…

next time.. i will snipe u..let’s c u losing friends too~wait a min., u have had friends? i pity ur friends then…

now.. go screw urself.
spent e night explaining to my friend~ she’s understanding~ such a blessing tt she’s a great friend~ cool abt it…

but then… how true was it? did the friendship changes? i wonder… i ponder…
well.. let’s see how things go loh~

oh ya.. i m deeply disappointed in knowing the chap who spew nonsense…. if u have against me… dun drag my friend into it. jerkball. i’m not deluding…, if the 2 other guys can detect the same spinister 2nd meanings behind ur words.. we r correct

so ya trying to show ur might infront of gals? not smart at all

tarnish my reputation is fine..mess with my dear friends.. u die

-The world is not beautiful. Therefore, it is. –