so what have been up with me this days u ask. well… it’s due time to answer the eager Qs. besides not having a life during this 1 week of gaming dota all the nights till dawn, i have been learning html for bloggin purposes! wow!

cool right?

haha~ well.. if u dun think it’s cool~ i care NOT for your opionion~ lol~

so now, the site loads faster, works easier.. n it’s easier to nagivate…
yes yes kathy, mel.. it’s easier now.. so.. do drop some tags n shower me some of ur chit chats…

well, since it’s time to blog.. here r some new thoughts tt was inspired by a friend and a show.
so what’s a marriage? wat’s a girlfriend (boyfriend)? who are they for? just how close are they in relation to ur friends… who n wat r ur friends?

i ponder these qs. just y do ppl marry each other? izzit becos they wanted legalized sex? or they wan a legal bound commitment? maybe legal incentives from the local govt? i wonder.

2nd: the diff a female friend n a gf? i could nv tell the difference in the past. and so now.. i question couples..
picture a scenario with ur female friend: ya’re close with the. u hang out with them a lot. u like being in their company and their prescense. u watch movie n go out with them
n pitcure a scenario with ur gf: u do the exact same thing..
SO, does this mean ur gf n ur female friend r one n the same? i wonder!

so i wonder.. y bother b bother with gf or bf anyway…
so wat’s the rationale for the title or statue of

now if.. everyone thinks any1 from the opp sex are friendly with u… do not b mistake tt they fallen for u… or u have fallen for them…

cos they r ur friends..
okay.. those r just some boundaries i alwasy mixed up in me life b4 nus… no wonder i alwasy seem to fall in “love” wrongly

hahah~ so now..

wat is a gf?

can anyone ans tt? i’ve give u a penny for it~


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