watched American Pie 04: Band Camp just today. Hmmm… if one could forget all the 4 letter wordings, the frequent cursing, it’s actually quite meaningly in a sense…

so, forget the RA rating, forget the porn, and focus on the meaning of the show. i once told an associate i happen to know abt me dling e show. he gave me the classic :shun: look. it’s like.. omg.. it’s a shitty n thrash movie. u watch tt cheapskate low class movie?

guess what when i say abt me watching “the 40yr old virgin”. his respone was worse.

it’s simple y i can get really pissed off at such ppl. it’s simple.. these brainless geek nv watch e show b4. all they could think of is the superfical surface tt the shows broadcast a high degree of sex. tt’s y the movies rated it RA or M18 cats.

i believe the rationale is this. it’s rated above 21 or 18 simplicy cos ppl belive e grp willl NEVER understand the depth behind the plot n story. all they will see are the porn n swearing.

i wonder… if they view travial stuffs like movies with a stereotype view… just how do they look at people. do they simpley pass judegment on the 1st encounter and stick with it?

sticking back to e example. american pie talks abt how u earn trust n win friends, overcomin the family shit. blend with a big heal of swears… 40 yr virgin toks abt e dilemma abt a 40 yr virgin n how he expeeriecens shuns by some ppl. his friends help him to overcome it althought the means were somehow different.

but hey.. if u cut the sex notions and the simple nudity.. u acutally c wat goes behind. True friends are those tt help u even they might laugh at u at certain times.

so, to those who pass judgement to those based on a sterotype or otherwise. u r truly damm.

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –