wa…. now… we should all really do our warmups n cooldowns properly… damm… n i mean every bit of it. it’s 0231 hrs and the body still’s in zombie mode. the joints r creaky n in urgent need of oil, the muscles r screaming from stretching from badminton…. yhEW!!!

for not biking since eons… the last biking session has killed the bum. and just when it’s on the verge of recovering itself, on came badminton with the hyper christ on the move, threathing to make ur heart pump like nv b4.

can’t believe i’ve grow weak… now.. when i was much shorter n hell lot rounder, all these were nthing… n now i’m whining… when i’m definealty taller n not so round… i got weak!!!

wat can i say? it’s overdose of slacking tt has cause this? haha~ i wonder

at least badminton was funny~ whole game wasn’t serious, just anyhow hit balls… act style~, tok nonsense.. laugh…

but then. tml.. (oops. it’s today).. badminton with e cchsm guys will kill us all… neighbhourhood crazy smasher kt will tear all my leg muslces… smashing tt kt off will rip my arm off.. not to mention breaking the wrist..lol….

and there’s a swim as dessert~… dangZ.. hope i dun drown or something… water = horror = terror~ on e bright side.. at least we an get some heroes who can save my asss offf~
crashed on bed after i reached home today… on com.. dl movies.. n was dead from 4-7pm.. god….
i am weak! weak weak~ lol
hmmm. did i mention the ear’s working again? lol.. yeah it did
fixed the crap nus ezlink card.. at pasir centre… it was quit cool.. cos they scan e cover to a new card for me.. LOL! n i thought it’s proberly gonna go back to YIH to get a new card….

to think i was 12#! n sulking like a kid e day we all meet for biking n bowling then.lol~
kanna sayang but [F]&Ns… lol~ so funn~

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –