wow! it’s 4it sports day last night… unbelievable…. badminton, bball… swimming… lan… . we all almost die.. even kt die. he was complaining tt he wanted to puke after out lan gaming, a typical event we all haven whenever we go out. it’s like a standard menu

let’s c: badminton unlike the day b4 when it’s standing still n acting cool with styles hitting… it’s all running like dogs yersterday… play abt 2 hrs.. we all die. rabbit still got game at nus today~ haha~

bball… they played. i just watched.~ funny~ this time round, rabbit sprain his hrs!

swim~ we all did~ thought i was the chicken.. i stay in e water for abt 5mins plus b4 moving…lol.. chickeN! but i did complete laps.. in the 2.1 m pool` so deep! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 hrs!

then it’s lan… 3 hrs. mad….

now body still aching like F.. at least the whole of e right side!


oh ya.. for the 1st time in my freaking… KT can’t tease abt me heaviear then him.. we were weight… ass kt was 77kg.. haha! i was 72!!!1 ROCKS! n taller.. ass KT!

he’s bma overshoot~ me still standard! HAHA! yeah! funy day!

i finally knew wat xmas is all abt.. it’s not some fat red man giveing stuff`so it’ abt pplp cele birth of jesus.. okay.. but y e fat red man? i still wonder!…

ponder ponder!

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –