can u celebrate… lalalalalalala – utada hikaru (i spell wrongly didn’t i?). but then, it’s exactly how i feel now~ so blissed and happy, to a certain extend.

woke up feeling a lot better after the dose of panadol, and went out to meet m&m n concon for biking session~ every1 was late… just as i was dreading it’s going to be another hell episode after boxing day, concon arrived with her taxi story. suddenly, it’s was like our last biking session all over again when both m&m n concon was doing the impossible… taking a cab after missing the shuttlebus~ LOL!

then m&m came…. wa.. n we didn’t saw uncle wong. lol~ okay.. at least i nv did! danGZ! concon say uncle wong can cook well…. such a gd dad~ LOL! if only my own dad can cook half as decent loh! 😦

bike n bike… no bad.. there’s an sigificant boost in speed for my mateys~ (i sound like a pirate; i am one) cycle with 1 hand.. not because it was cool doing so(it’s cool lah). but cos the left arm was loose i think… overdose swimming has made the weaker left arm loose.. lol! so the end was full of a dangling left arm flying all around…lol~ how funny~ it’s like a puppet on strings!!!

meet with annie after tt… walk to chinese swimming club… quite surprising the security is so slack.. we sort of just went in~ n start e hunt~ wow! approach e lady at e counter… she direct me to admin office. n i found the chain n pendant! so happy no1 sold it loh~ so so happy! singaporeans r so nice…. I love singapore?

went out all smiles to m&m . concon. annie~ so happy i could hug them all~ .. boi.. now i’m getting emotions~ so happy i got it back~ no more netherworld sightings:P n my 0.5k chain is back! haha! such a blessing it look like some uncle chain(as antz says) n it’s tanrished~ lol~
everyone prob thought it was some cheap metal n lousy pendant..

haha~ it was made to order pendant.. ex… make to order chain.. 0.5 k… LOL! haha~ HAPPY!!!!!! muacK

it’s surprising.. i was quite depressed the whole of last night.. do didn’t really get decent sleep… further waiting for m&m n concon increased e dread of not seeing it again…. such a blessing f&n m&m sort of encouraged me to find it! i m so in love with them! LOL! (funn~Y how come i m thinking of trio?) lol…. time changes/chain/changes/chain

lol! spend e day after tt makan katong laska.. so funnyeating laska… lol! but then.. lol.. funny lah.
n heard all the loves of doggies n hamsters… stilll.. cats rock

i alwasy have this notion tt dogs r dumb creatures.. it will stay. why? it’s simple. dogs r simple. they r loyal to e master even it the master is 1 evil
cats on the other hand, r indepence. they can leave on their own world! cats r mysterious.. last but not least, they have the sight~ n r incredile smart! i just adore the smart n despite the brainless (smart = have a brain to think)(brainless = ppl who r so silly. i.e dogs)

haha. HAPPY! chain chain!

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –