let’s see… the tingle is bugging me to blog everytime… yes… everytime for whoever’s sake!!! taking a bus home; taking a train somewhere; or just rotting somewhere in the mids of orchard road and even during lunch, the tingle is there~ well, i should say that it’s something like spider sense~ but then… nevermind.


finally an outing with ssa2203 mateys n saw chicky gal with all the spots n dents from her crusade with the chickenpox: the chicken pox wall. all was there expect edmund. he’s in india somewhere i guess… eating the indian roti prata? hmmm.. i wonder….

it was the usual~ jas merclessly attacking poor wm~ really.. wm need to buck up a little.. if not a lot~ 3 conclusions came to mind. First, he’s afraid of us or just afraid of gals. Second: he shy? well… maybe not? third: he’s not a man man. i.e wussy man. how can any normal man stand it when jas was shooting down his throat. argh~ this wussiess is not going make him any way hot for any1….


learnt from chicky judy tt tkd was’nt all tt fun~ apparently, his tkd seniors are all blood thirsty jerks. from wat was learnt: they seniors are all abt 29. n very single, not by choice!!! it seems that they were not getting any attention from their workplace… and hence offer to coach back in nus in hope of hitching young gals… wa LAO

and well… they really meant it when they say tt there were back to coach just for gals… not trying to joke like me… i know i alwasy say i’m a chap~ 4ever saying gals r cool` guys r boring… but u chaps know i’m just kidding loh!but then.. these tkd r reallty despo from wat judy say~ freaks balls…

hmm.. imagine me 8 more yrs down e road? will i be a sicko lke them too? sobs… i can’t help but feel terroify n ponder~

i wonder…. jsut wat the heck is love? i’ve got a friend i know too~ he know gals for 1 purpose. i know wat ya thinkging… the ans is now the 3 letter S work. he get gals.. cos they can take care of him… wa lao.. like tt .. might as well get a maid!

watched Must Love Dogs movie…. an a notion sprung to mind~ just will there b a perfect person flawless 1 out there? perfect n flawless just to me? some1 whom i can trust fully? have confident in? some1 who can rule n direct my life? not to mention~ some1 with brains gd enoght to think

so, do i wan a maid? or do i wan someone who understands?

one thing is clear, i dunwan a maid~ just some1 whom i deem flawless n perfect to my eyes. some1 i can trust fully have confident in to say anything. a some1 with a thinking cap who can b my direction.

just just.. where r u?

the more u hope. the more it will nv come. the moment u decide on someting n can’t be bothered abt it…. the hope comes. the moment u wan the hope to increase, u get hit on the head, n back u slip in hell…

so.. is tt cheap as a dime? or is it simply priceless? i wonder…

life now is a small dime n worthless i guess~

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –