great… just great… when times r fun n hip, not to mention being cool… MR murphey appears to poo on us. these few days was besiedged by many outings… fun fun with ppl. great… then castrophoeh falls…

CORS screwed up! nevermind being outbidded twice.. never mind being sianz waiting for this n that to happen… never the sorry buggers who were shamelessly dumping 1000 to 2000 points… nevermind this and that.

when everytime was turning out find getting a mod with a buddy. it screw up~
the god damm min SUCCESSFULLY bid was 500. i bidded 507. my friend bid 510 in end. he got it. i didn’t….

But the damm issue is… the min bid was 500! checking the frag bid details.. half of those who bid 500 got it. those who bid move then tt got it. but wait.. the lovely CORS did not register 507 bid… so.. what the hell? server down? well.. here’s this. DAMM U… no wonder ppl design anti sch logo. no wonder some ppl r screaming it suck. no wonder this no wonder that. ya.. screw…

now it’s plan D.. wat the hell~ i hate when plans dun go as plan. damm the rain n everything. i hate it when things screw up.

just shot an email to cors. yah.. like they can do shit! sobs…

damm damm damm…. life stinks at times…. it’s times like this i feel like KILLINg

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –