wa… lucky~ lucky miss lucky n fortune is smiling back to me again~ hurry!!! maybe the pon pon hu. ji hu tt day really bump all the shit away! there r times we must believe in her! S.H.E autograph signing was the turing pt where everything gd came! went s.h.e with iris. rocks! going with fellow fans rocks. next day. it rock even more~ with the funny morning moring b4 js with kathy~ friday 13. rocs too~ went with caroline to c gong shi jia~ got anther autograph~ wa.. princeless~ tml.. swim~ WA~~~

life is gd sia…. just reliease tt the ppl i know from last sem r cooler then i can imagine! know them briefing… got to know them better~ know them better with those funny events tt alwasy end up with 2 ppl…. it’s simplay hilarious. finally… gals i know with brains! yes! brains~ tt’s e attractive factor in ppl.. ppl who can think !!!! mind to mind excahnge was excellant.

okay.. so y r things hilarious….? 1stly, i’ve alwasy ask lots of ppl to come…. but then… last min.. ppl will b sick.. pppl will pon.. ppl can’t go…. or cannot meet up and then. it’s me n 1 other friend.
1st time was with ‘tigress’. the ‘eye’. the ‘kitty’ and yesterday ‘car’. lol. well.. at least it’s constructive talking~ got to know them a lot better~ so fun~

no wonder i love nus. i think (maybe not cors)

hilarous no2. n when such events happen… it’s alwasy bumbing into ppl i know…. so weird. n they alasy give the weird glares…lol… so funny~ but then.. it’s troublesome to explain… so i gues say it’s not wat they think.. n gives up..lol! i wonder… lol` haiZ

hilarous nevertheless~

bonkers… tired.. better sleep…

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –