okay~ so times went pretty confusing to the main character in the blog…~ things smoothen a lot… the main character managed to evade the misunderstandings… somehow…

lifes a mess until pretty recently… for now, things r going on smoothly, and so he thinks… seriously… he must stop his cheeky nature… or it will mess up his life…. but it’s already an intergrated part of him that it’s just unlike him to ever change his mess up life motto:
be cheeky when u still can be a cheeky chap

and so, his cheekiness consult the great [F]&Ns and get the divine answers from her holy-ness (i mispell on purpose). gd advice. 10x gal

and his cheekiness harass the ever great [M]&Ms n [C]TE too for aid n got great aid in the form of conspiracy =D

his cheekiness [R]&B sends his deepest thanks to [F]&Ns n [M]&Ms n [C]TE for the great support team effect.

his cheekiness wonders why tt he, being 21 n older… is seeking support from 19-20 yr gals for help. it’s an odd irony and he can’t seem to forgot himself. he’s trained in a old sch mentality tt he, being male should lead n help the others. being elder.. he should b the 1 aiding others, not the other round!

but then again… guess that’s wat true friends are for. it’s doesn’t mean we have to know each other so well tt we rot. it’s a matter of helping each other in diff times n trouble periods.. giving advice tt r trueful in nature. and of coure, not lying to all of us.


hmmm~ watched memories of a geisha with friends today. his cheekiness was wondering wat on earth he’s watching such a show with 5 other gals… his 1st impressiong was the g8 awakardsness in watching the show.. cos he assumed tt geisha = whore n it will be terrible rude to watch with them.

but since he say okay to movies to them.. he went anyway. geisha’s an excellant show. protraying true life experiences. his friends were inspire to do a jap project on geisha. he is moved to do it. he juggles btw anime n geisha n some other mind brewing stuff (M&M F&Ns knows..lol).


his cheekiness wonders y in certain times ppl refuse to believe wat he says to them. when he tells a truth, ppl dun belive him. when he evades an answer n give shady answers.. ppl belive the manupilated truth. he is puzzled.

just today, he was saying his friend is a mei nu. but then, the person dun belive it. after endless chatter, it dawned on him tt his friend thought he was lieing to her. his cheekiness maybe be cheeky, but he dun lie. he got pissed…

as spoken by wise sages, beauty lies in the eyes of e beholder. when his cheekiness belives tt some1 is pretty, beautiful, meinu. he belives it. he dun lie or try to wrap the truth. on the contracy, if his cheekiness thinks tt some1 is thrashy.. he jolly is n will b.

so friend.. have confidence in urselF~ n lelong.. lelong.. selling mei nu!!!!


p/s: happy bday siyu. mel. judy

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –