and the lord R was puzzled with himself… he was(yes…it’s in the past now) once the greater advisor in such issues and matters… because his advise has aid countless lost souls (it’s 70++ rates) and now it seems that other people are playing advisor to him. why? the grand master lord R ponders…
a wise sage once say that when one is inside of the complex equation, he tend not to be able to view things in a objective matter… the lord R has fallen prey to the issue..

it is disturbing to reliease the truth himself. once a wise sage himself, all the stragetics and tatics he employed seem to be generally worthless, even the underhand ruthless methods… he is unwilling to snoop to such means… but he ponders… will he resort to such measures? the lord R contines to ponder…

the lord R has withered to a brat, a kid, a lost soul. the once purposeful lord, full of confidence built up was really devastated by a small fish. he got nervous…he got overall excited with just glimpse… his heart goes doki doki and his favourite cat caught his damm tongue. just wat is wrong with the lord R?

he pretty much can’t seem to do anything… helpless like an infant, a newborn on this harsh world. the lord R then decides it’s time to take actions into his own hands, risking everything in one stake. did he strike gold? nope… its was a hard hard iron casted wall which struck him in his face. a door erected by fish that was neither closed, neither open wide enough for acceptance.

n when he thinks that it was slightly becoming more ajar, he closes the door again in panic. he rambles into nothingness… seeking the light that seem to come from the thin slit from the door. the light that could bring him his knees. he quotes from mel: “when u r one ur knees, who can u pray to?”. it’s a deep qs.

he continues to lose his cool, his sanity, his confidence, his wiseness, his wits, his charms(yes charms) as his heart aches for him. in easier terms, he became weak. he became a tool for the evils to influnence him.


n then it dawned on him that he could redeem from acting like fool in front of fish, he could gain back all his cool, all his confidence, all his might n power if he could just piece himself back. he mute his annoying devil in the heart and decides to piece himself back. back to the days when his confidence was rock solid. where he could stand againnt evil, where he has his charms.

no more will he give in to whims to hasten everything. no more will her listen to nags from around who played advisor to him. no more will he be willingly to forsake himself to despair. no more. he will b himself, the great and mighty lord R who still fancys fish, backed by his extraordinaty confidene, his charms and wits to truimp.

even if there exists hardships ahead. or any common peasants boy who fancys fish too. he will triump. farmer boys who has yet to weathered hardships will not survive to face him. he will triump. he must triump.

and so, the lord R who still fancys fish, chose his stand. he does it his way, and only his way, for his lady fish.

just like when he declare his intentions honourably to fish. he will win her in his ways. by his means, his charms, his wits his unshaken confidences, and his love.

fish! the lord R has made his stand!

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –