this is so weird… his royal highness just relieased that he has been wearing black shirt for this whole week when he was doing his laundry (yes… he does his own landuary) … well… almost all black… it’s as if he’s preparing for some mourning season.

not long ago, his royal highness was flipping some books in the royal library of lonlynessism, and saw this color coding book. it says that color reflects the state of mind of the person choosing it. it means that, at certain times, the color chosen by the user at a certain time, will clearly reflect his current mood.

in addition, these was this ancient script on clothes coloring choosing… the color of clothings wore by the wearer projects to the world as an outlet of exactly how he is feeling inside. and to the horror of his royal highness… this week was generally all black, as opposed to the first few weeks when something big happened where his attire was actually completely with yellow, orange and bright color robes… hmmm….

conclusion: this is an unstable week for his royal highness…


hmmmm… his royal highness has no idea wat he can do now, or wat he cannot do. he’s totally clueless. sometimes, hotness, coldness strikes him in a !@#$%^&*()…

yes… what can he do now to improve the odds and improve the situation? what can he do to liven it up? in other words, he’s totally feeling like zchen’s song tt rose him to fame.


some1 used to mentioned tt religion is a gd wat to know how to do things. his royal highness supposed so… he guess… now, a delimma strikes… which one to he turn to? budhism as appeared on his royal id? or the church where he hops occasionally? hehe… catholic church? protestant church? hmmm… so many options… which to chose? lol


bored… beach anyone?
movie anyone? no one? someone? pls? bored!!!
totally boredoom!

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –