now… tt’s what i feel… look at the newest avatar on the left!! (u dunce…). been physically tired n emotionally tired these days… not too great a deal. but hey, at least, i shed some pounds.(tt’s a lie..damm it).

now figuring out a way to occuply the space beside the avatar picture. what shall i put? after all… it’s really doubtful the VIPs will read anyway. (oops… of course [M]&Ms n [F[&Ns are welcome to read… haha juudee too!)

days been going on a hot and cold basis. extreme ends. either totally responive or totally cold and not responive? let’s hope it’s just the drag of the killer mid terms. let’s just assume the issues of other personal matters. let’s just hope it’s the lot of handing over church matters. let’s just hope tt everyone is buzy and really stress up?

maybe it’s a lie? maybe i just think too much… maybe not? these thoughts continue to ponder when i had great company with [F]&Ns today on the bus to muggified(work lol) central lib after a splendid get together the [M]&Ns, [C]TE, n boring guys… I can’t help but noticed the gathering was motive based. but then again, that’s another story…

i’m tired… really tired. and then i ponder again. if friend of [F]&Ns could strive on so long waiting, why can’t i do the same thing? after all… every1 had a great 8-9 months in sch?

well… time to do what the book says.. improve myself esteem!!!! haha!!!


now… i wonder… if i know too much at some times. things i should really know just happen to fly to my ears… stuff that i shouldn’t really know. today’s lunch was so obviously a heavily motivated based lunch. an intential based lunch. the theme was “simply watching” haha.

see? tt y i dun wan to know too much. tiring.


saw lots of possession control actions going on these days from ppl. e.g who r u with? where r u? why do u this with? to Whom is tt? how come he did this?

saw lots of wussie actions. ppl with balls so small it’s like mosquito bites. E is unhappy with R’s blog comments n scolds M. R thinks E is weak and is a totally wussie taking on M. pathetic.

saw an interesting clip on how media protrays women as objects. as a thing. as a possession. and how the media shapes man to think in this way.

just imagine if media ads to this: “ur pen is limp.slimy.perky.pointy.shaggy.too far apart.too A cup. too small and only 2 inchs” –> the last word 2 inch earn roaring laughter from the lecture.. lol. funny documentary show.


the song playing is simply too nice!
Anastias OST – Richard Marx * Donna Lewis – At The Beginning

the first english song that i really really love b4 BSB cult came it. the lyrics goes somthing like this: well… i just show the part i love best

richard marx:
“no one told me, i was going to find you.
unexpected, wat u did to my heart

when i lost hope, you were there to remind me
this is the star….”

…. with this.. now u know wat i meant by hot n cold. (let’s see who is smart to guess this out)
my life n ans is a riddle… my philosophy..

[F]&Ns indeed is a smart gal. highly possible the only 1 who can exactly read my mind. and i ponder on ur words mine [F]&N, the great advisor!

“knew there was somebody somewhere.
i’ve in love in the dark”


now.. it’s prob time to munch some chocs..? nah…


ah… i remember.. happy to bump into a another pretty friend of tigeress today~ hehe. but then again, of course tigeress is better…

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –