and his royal highness argees that all the funny ppl reigns in nus fass… to be fair, maybe a small portion of them branch out to sci, and engin… haha

made new friends. well, actually… friends of friends. nice ppl. chat from heaven to earth, from earth to hell… then all e way back to heaven to earth, from earth to hell ……… (u get the pt.. dummy). it’s really that there’s such an invention called the msn. on the medium, chatting is possible other then using the silly phone… or the silly snail mailing!

at least, ya can bond up with new friends! hehe!


hmmm… kathy is 20? haha! happy birthday.. old old old old old gal… how do i now? lol… peeps.. just check her msn msg. DarN… wasted 2 wholes lines on her… … wasted ah!


and so, after the 2 lines wasted on kathy… his royal highness decides to blog on something constructive… just wat shall he blog on? more crap? more sad stuff? or wat? maybe more tigeress? haiz…


wierd shit.. it seems that then norton may be the best antivirus n system maintence out int the market. however, the shitty subscriptions issues from norton is pure nonsenese. let’s comment on the lastest systemworks 2006. the 1st version released can’t do actication by phone. this suck x 01

the second version fix the problem. but it’s sloWWW n lags the system!!!

and now.. the second version has a software update.. tt renders the sub useless… there’s a renewal shit. so in a fix of anger n sianzness tt norton has manage stop hackers like his royal highness again from using theri products… he’s uninstalls norton and goes fully zonealarm n trendmicro. hmpf!

no more 3 firewalls… with 2 firewalls.. he feels so naked…. time to do less hacking… 😦


ah… some1 i know in a bad mood. well… wat else is it abt? let’s not assume makes an ASS of U n Me. time to cheer ppl up loh.. even when his royalness is neither in a gd mood. tough. life is tough.


where’s tigeress… hmm….

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –