his royal highness been actually wanting to blog a great deal recently. there’s a load of random thoughts flowing in, and the urge just rocketed high. full of overflowing emotion and thoughts… there’s always a need to release it. he had wanted to blog a few days ago; wanted to blog one day after tt; wanted to blog yesterday; wanted to blog this morning. but then again, his royal highness didn’t do it.. cos.. when the thoughts come chunking in… theres’ no computer at hand when he was on his royal tourage…


been living life in a slightly positive mood. at least, tt helped a lot instead of just being sianz and depress about the world of living.

heres a new philosophy his royal highness derived:

life sux. life simply sux.
if another good happens in life, we can consider it a bonus.
but then again, dun look forward to bonus,
cos then again, life ultimately sux.
life sux.

and so, bearing this school of thought in mind, he been living life as it is since monday! with bright yellow shirt, he braved to face the world.


from the previous post. tues was boring.. his royal highnes was at home. wed was excellant. just walking from central lib..to sci to get some old chang kee. and he has his 1st bonus! he saw bella! haha~ chatting when walkin the long walk to lect was actually fun! all gals brightened his day!

thurs was somehow… hmmm boring in the morning…. when top up his supply of the colgate sweets that he simply loves.. then, the quence for e bus was nil.. noone at all..

after he got back from 7-11… the chain of ppl drag all the way to e mrt esclator…wtf…

oh..did he mentioned he return a chain of keys too when he found it to a flippono maid when she forgot she has left it there? haha… quite funny to help some1 out who can’t seem to speak english too… lol… cos his royalness was having a hard time telling her she forgot to take her bunch of keys… but all went well after tt. well.. maybe not..cos his royal highness had to chase her to tell her that… 😦

went for the lecture… late… happen to see more bonus =) hehe! kawaii K!

not to mention the after lect lesson… more bonus. it seem the “life sux symdrone” had made his royal highness less tongue tied when he saw tigeresss~ blissed!

a good day indeed. @ times, his royalness is easily sastified…

sometimes he wonder.. y he can be so comfortable crapping.. chatting.. teasing a lot of other ppl around… but terriblly trap in the “cat caught his tongue situation” in front of tigeress… hmmm…



hmm.. friday… more bonus? hahaha!!! nah… finally went out with JJ!!!! hmm.. JJ dun equal lim jun jie okay… as a matter of fact… put my best friend with the singer… my friend will make lin jun jie pale in comparsion in looks.. hehe!

moron’s still as happy going as usual! it’s great to see jj n catch with him for so long. not much change in him.. still as siaoz as usual. still in the “single man” club. and very little to do so if he still rots in the freaky army. haha!!


eh… was actually quite surprised that quite a no of ppl reads this blog. yet again, not 1 of the readers curses at his royal highness bad command of the english language. but then, everyone remebers him cursing… this is so wtf?

but then, what matters is the fact that ppl do read this, even when they really tag or comment tag a lot. still fine nevertheless… as long specific reads 😛

this means YOU! YOU! and YOU! but then again, let’s take the men out of the picture again! but at least tigeress reads once in while. and it did help to clear some doubts coming from his royal hignhess~ =)


his royal highness smiles… @ tigeress…
p/s: time to watch tsubasa chronicles movie: and xxxHOLIC movie loh!

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –