damm it! his royal highness just relieased that he have been in an extremely polite mood today. in msn, the language he used to communicate with people was so EXtremely polite. in actual fact, it seems that he was using proper english all the while. even when he was speaking to people, it was difference.

the tone was different. the manner he speak was different. it was too formal, too polite, filled with a professional touch, and dripping with venom. but then again, his stage and the world, seem to dim-witted to reliease it. then again, the only people his royalness knows who can actually catch up with his train of thoughts dun really exist in abundance. a hand, and prob 2 fingers. TWO.

prob JJ n [F]&Ns will know. just prob. they’re prob the most intelligent human beings on earth. prob even in the entire solar system. maybe even the entire universe and all it’s parallel sister universe.

but then again, oh… nevermind. seriously, his royal highness needs a mind reader. maybe then, it will then be a great easier to relate everything out. sucks…


so now you know. when his royal highness goes all out to being polital, polite, he’s actually extremly vexed, annoyed, pissed about something, and obviously terrible upset.

so why is his royal highness feeling shitty? wow… like it’s the greatest event on earth. his royal highness is feeling shitty… farK… there again, he is dripping with sacaristism again. (maybe i really should swear less, someone do say i swear a lot online –> at least i dun swear tt much in real life[but then again, swearing is indeed fun]).

he is vexed, because he is upset. he is upset because he is feeling silly. he is silly because he thinks he has done something tupid and is feelinf vexed, upset, silly and stupid. cased closed.

trival stuff just messed him up. major stuff like project datelines, exams nearing do not even as much as stir him to awaken. it’s just like how he do in exams. tough nuts, he scores and aces it. easy Qs.. he flobs… wat’s wrong?


yeah… welcome to the world of Mr. PMS, where being polite = pissed!
and i will turn the world upside down (hmm.. this sound familiar? lol… well.. i leech it from a friend’s msn nick…lol)

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –