been recently listening to zhang dong liang’s song – zhi yin wei ni. The lyrics goes like this:
只因为你、我情不自禁闭上眼睛;心里想了想、还是你;不让你离开我的手心;呵护着你;幻想着、紧抱在我怀里 。。。
but then again, it looks hard to achieve? (use unicode encoding too see e chinese words lah)


quite clueless abt wat to do now. hmm.. i reckon. people who were aware are like saying:
Guy 1: it’s called [tiao qi lai mai]
Gal 1: [you zhi zhe shi jing cheng]
Gal 2: you need to work harder to show tt u care n concern
Gal 3:
Gal 4:

me? i’m just clueless. afterall, listening to wat people say dun really help at all. tt’s y at times like these when it’s absolutly important to just calm down n think. other ppl just make me confused.

then again, i afraid the smartest ppl in the world will not give me any comments to help. i personally feel that these people are the best. but hey, do ya guys notice? such ppl r usually girls. men, just enjoy putting on the Mr. Fix It Hat n give weird ideas. (tt’s y gal 3 n 4 do not plant any weird ideas in e my mind.

as gal3 would say. the wall coming down. maybe? after all, i’m pretty much trust wat she has to say. gal4 is even wiser n just listens 😛


i ponder a bit now and then. it’s really complex to figure what everybodies’ grey matter is thinking. i’m pretty complex at many stuff. but then, i’m still really simple at this particular issue. work can be complex. sch can be complex. office politics can be complex. backstabbing can be complex.

but then, i prefer this issue not to be complex at all. pretty simple will be great. you see, the things ways r going. this doesn’t seem to be going on fine.


then again, who ever say liking some1 is ever simple. even if something fruitful turns out. what will happen next? clueless…

life just an’t simple anymore. i’m tired. really tired over this

只因为你、我情不自禁闭上眼睛;心里想了想、还是你;不让你离开我的手心;呵护着你;幻想着、紧抱在我怀里 。。。

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –