and here the tales ends. well, did it ever begin? nope. not at all.

and so, there was no running races, no more doubts, no more questions, no more ponderings… just still, it’s still tiring.

i’ve been pretty tired about this race. and so once the limit is reached, i’ve done the straight forward thing. Despite the fact that it is really unsincere to settle it online, it is done.

no more maze, no more twist, no more hopes. just a straight forward thing.

and the case is closed.


and now, i ponder again. it’s already back to being polite and courteousy, dripping with it.

maybe this is just my way of masking everything. to wear the smiley mask and parade around the world.

the world seem oddly quietly tonight. so is the heart.

and tonight, the moon seem awfully round and lonly.

things change. they really do.


sometimes i wonder, it’s been an long time since i last feel like this. being so horrible venomly correct and polite, been oddly calm. been 6 long years since K.S merge with god.

guess, in a way, not everything changed after all.

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –