this is pretty weird. his royal highness have been having odd dreams these few days and nights. yes, even in the days. he’s been lazing in his royal chambers, ignoring whatever important royal functions and signing royal verdicts despite strong protests by his royal advisors.

but at least, he’s finally recharged back to full power. just still numbed physically from lazing too much, and number emotionally for other matters. the naps taken at evenings, afternoons serve to strength him so he could properly function in the wee hours of the night where everything and everyone is quiet.

oddly, his royal highness is never one who is custom to dreams that happen to go in chronographyically order. this time around, it is weird indeed. the dreams are linked. the equation is like this: A–> B –> C –> D … etc etc etc blah blah blah. strange?

here’s the second strange factor. this dreams actually consist of real people. people that his royal highness has meet before, alive, dead. for some reason or another, everyone’s back in the dreamworld. blissed. no worries, no sorrows, and mystically, no joy either. just another emotionally encounter.

odd indeed.


oh, wordpress seems to be more userfriendly indeed. and his royalness urges everyone to swap and shift servers. these days, blogspot seems to laggy for any joy in blogging. even yisi agrees. lol. not to mention that wordpress enables easier and FASTEST upload of pics.


did his royal highness mentioned that, from after his favourite grp S.H.E, comes Angela Zhang Shao Han? and so, it seems his school who taught him statecraft is inviting her to drop by school. his royal highness is overjoyed and is recruiting people to join him in welcome his idol!

now, if only everyone else in the look is an exact replica of zhang shao han 🙂 then life will be blissed and great. god bless…


I love this cat!!!

exactly, this cat is really cute. pls just take a look at the little crown on his head (his. yup). dogs on the other hand are such disgusting creatures. okay, maybe just the small dogs are bearable. so now, beware, people with dogs avatars scram. just kidding.

Cats are in. Dogs are out.