here's something funny:

just watching at this totally calm all soccerfans down. for now, we can forget abt the blues losing 1-0 to fulham. gods.. the hams won't? ham with blue… wat's wrong.


the whole of this morning was relatively average. true, there was two sms regarding the angela zhang shao han's concert show, reminding me to sign up for it. but, let's see, none of it came from anyone i really bother to care about. but then again, guess that things change. for the worse.

it's really hard to accept it. just this afternoon, a friend mentioned i'm a good man and there's prob a load of ppl Q-ing up for me. well, if this was mentioned maybe a few months back, his royal highness will be grin and give a cheeky remark. but then again, hearing this really suck for now. So what if they think i'm good. so what?

apparently, i not good enough for some people. and that's that!

yes, i am bitter about it. very bitter i would say. but then again, i don't think i'm welcomed. then again. i'll pass. 😦


the trip back home after a boring lecture was terrible. his royalness got stuck sitting with this weird moron on the bus 95 to B vista mrt. here's the arrangement:

H H |1 Y rep other human beings

R W |2 R rep his royal highness. W rep the weird fuck. (yes, he's really a F arse; you will see later)

|1 n |2 rep the window panels


and so, his royal highness was happily watching the scene from |1 window pane. then suddenly, he discovered a pair a hidous blood shot eyes starting at him, rep by W.

irriated, he stared back. giving his starer a taste of his medicine. the staring continued for a good 10s or so, until the stupid frag back

the funny thing was: the moron frag face was prob like 25? okay, maybe he just look like an old toad face. pimpled and silly scars covered his poke face. it was gross!!! let's not forget his deep sunken cheeks that make him more of a zombie master then an human being.

here comes the 2nd annoying part! when we alight… he was trying to swing his yellowish stained blue bag over his shoulder in a futile attempt to smack me. what a total loser he was. he lost in a staring contest to me, who have small eyes. and he tries to attack me. jerkball..!!!

and.. i remember. he look like the murderer AH HAO from the newspaper. damm. it's an exact replica!

let's now ans the question why i am sure he was starting at me. 1st. there was nthing in my direction. no pretty chicks or gals or wat so ever that will even capture his attention. 2ndly, his eyes was slant in an angle tt was asking for a PUNCH in his sorry face. it was an challange. mark my words.

there are times when guys know that it's an obvious challenge! i've hang around enought with the bad boys to know that much after all. it's such a blessing he was staring at me, instead of Szetat. jj.. or even fujie… else… he's lying on the floor next… lol


at least on the train ride back. it was funny. it seems. there was like a dozen police on the train. prob it was some mob or something that was prob going to happen. weird?