yes… something smelly is going on…. in the parallel world. then, again, it’s just a nudge. or is it? maybe so? maybe not? then again, his royal highness is not really affected by it. (he’s tired… remember?) let whole underwater world troops go against him. so be it, if it will come to be. just let them talk among themselves.


at times, people are just not who they seem to be. an innocent face, an terrible looking face do not neccessay tells what the real person is like beneath. needless to say, a blur, blank look do not neccessay meant that the person is stupid or innocent. daggers… hidden knieves are everywhere…


just recently, kt is back. wongey (kt) back from cambrigde. still look the same. just like when we kick his arse off to cambrigde the other time round. but, he wasn’t smiling at all. until actually when i caught up with him before meeting the cchsm guys, i learn some stuff more about him and why he was backed before schelude. apparently, he was backed one week earlier this time round.

it’s terrible. his gf just dump him. what a bitch. yes, that women is indeed a whore. a taxi, where can just hop on.

let me justify why i call her a bitch. yes i meant it. she is a bitch. a real bitch. she was two-timing. wongey set off back to cambrige just off or a short while. and the next time he knew, she was clinching to another guy. she never mentioned the existence of my friend kt, when the new bf was courting her. the bitch had no respect for my friend. sure, she can whore around, but, at least, have the courtsey to tell some her oursurer that she has a bf.

1. the new bf was lucky. he did knew the bitch was attached. else… i guess.. he’s gonna land up in the hospital… or in some hidden lane district. it’s not gd to mess with wongey. ppl get hurt from messing with wongey. lol… who says the bad boys exists only in neighbourhood schools… the elite schools have them too 😛 so, again, the new bf was lucky he didn;t know the bitch was attached to wongey.

2. the new boyfriend was a PRC. born in china, schooled in america. so, let’s call him ABC from now on. from wongy’s descripition, he’s SHORT. FAT. and UGLY. damm… then again, love(or watever) is blind.

for a long 14 years… i’ve never seen wongey so completely shattered and overwhelm with emotions like the day we gathered. the normal wongy with be radiating with an aura of confident, proud, slightly arrogant. but then again, only the strong have the right to be confident, proud and arrogant, and he is one. damm,the girl was a totally bitch!!! eroding him till that way. but alas, women are what get heroes killed most of the time.

actually, i dun really considered it a gathering. i feel that it was more of a session to hear him talk and know about the betrayal. at least, he’s talking about it, and it will make him feel better. after all, we are his closest…

we went ktv then. sang till almost 3am. actually, the majority of us was really knocking off, cracking at aro und midnight. we stayed, for the sake of keeping wongey company. we sang all the sad sad love songs(wongy was filled with emotions), then all the fast pace momentum songs. it was basically all barbarian singing, screaming all out lungs out till everyone was drown with our own voices…

in actual fact, we didnt’ really confort wongy much. but at least, when shit happens, it’s good to have some company around. companion is important to help people to tide over a crisis. just being there, and felt by wongey will make him feel better. and well, i,the royal highness gave him a few brotherly pat and hug. (that’s surprising, consider his royal highness don’t really like touching men…, then again, since wongy was his buddy for 14 years… he’s break a rule to pat him =D)


leaping to the notion of friends, his royal highness wonders. what are friends? good friends? close friends? best friends? or even there is a more then friends things. everyone uses the terms “friends” loosely when they dun really mean it 99% of the time. more often then more, they will actually think of associates, acquentiances when they use the term “friend”. why so? to be policially correct of course!!!

just imagaine the notion of saying:

X: hey. who are you meeting?

Y: a friend loh. (when he/she actuallys means just a project mate? an enemy? a person who annoys him/her? associates? acquentiances?)


what about this?

X: hey, who are you meeting?

Y: a acquentiancs lah

X: …………….

just what respond X feel? that’s why the term friend is so loosely used.

there’s also someone his royal highness remembered from around jc. he can’t remember who it (he/she) was. the logical was like this. “i see my best friend often. that’s because we are best friends. we tell each other a lot of things (everything)”

when his royal highness heard that, he was puzzled. HUH? so what’s next? if it (he/she) don’t see you for a while, it(he/she) is not your best friend? his royalness is puzzled…

his highness belives that, you do not need to see your friends ever so often. but wat ever happens. they are still your friend. friends are ppl that you can rely on when your are having a bad time. friends are people who share your joys, pain and all the silly-ness that envoles in your world. friends do not mean that you have to see them everyday till you get sick. friends can be male of female.(okay, dual sexual too =D)


so, what abt good friends? best friends? wat’s the difference. his royal highness does not know yet…