hmm… everyone knows that the Q in the gents is shorter then the ladies. of course it's faster, we have urinals and the stalls. while the ladies have… stalls and everlasting Qs.

then again, it's not the point in today's post. let's explore the mystery's the male toilet. and the weird psychology of man. if ya're a man reading this article. just skip this part.


now, here's another mystery… look below!!!

Toilet statspeektom

there're actually men who peeps on man in the school library…. freaks…


the day's been amazing for his royal highness. he rot half a day at miss piggy's place. wow, chatting, stardeeing, counting the years i've know miss piggy. jc1.jc2.ns1.ns2.ns3.nus1. wa…. 6 years.. not bad! gd friends for 6 years.

and as usual, her place, or rather. miss piggy's room is a mess. lol! damm.. a gal and the room is like pig dorm. lol! guess  the general sterotype tt a gal is nice is wrong. so horrible wrong.

and as usual, we see her clothes flying all over… lol… good thing it's me… else… lol! and skeptially dress…