and so, the day came when the goddess from the greek mythology legends decides to descend from her rainbows and pays a visit to his royal highness. the goddess of the rainbows shares some myths on his royal highness previous entry on forgetting…his royal highness then actually begins to ponders just how many of the tribal women knows the events that had took place. and so, his royal highness starts doing his math and starts counting with his fingers.he includes the royal advisors "[F]&Ns", and "[M]&Ms". he decides to include the "goddess of the rainbows", and "the roaring one". Hence, including his royalness, it amounts to five who is totally aware of the un-nerve-ing situation. he simple rejects the notion of including the "insigifance" people who had only live on the scraps of the information. he doesn't care at all.

maybe he should include the tribal tourage of "the roaring one". then, he can prob add on 2 more, or even 3 more. then again, should his royal highness care? he should not…


the goddess of the rainbows went on to share her ideas on "forget". the philosophy of the healing power of time.

and as his royal highness walks on the beach of his isle, the isle of the winds. he ponders the wisdom of the goddess. he noticed the sand being washed and eroded by the waves that seem to slowly displace the sand, distorting them. memories, it seems, are just like sand. time, is like the waves, alwasy there, distorting our reality…

does the wave washes all the sand away? far from where it's no longer there? to a no-man's land? no… it merely just transports sand to another spot. a insigifance distance, where it could alwasy be collected..

and hence, that's his royal highness to the goddess of the rainbows… the memories of his royal highness are like sand. small insignifance, but yet always just around. ready to haunt.

yet, he thanks the goddess for her wisdom… in sharing her mortal tales…