and then, all of a sudden, wordpress seems to have technical errors. and how so? apparently, his royal highness feels that it’s because of the wordpress n text pattern combo joke on april 1 that has sparked this event?

wordpress hack? wordpress under attack? wordpress simply refuses to allow his highness to post pictures. all of a sudden, the toolbar is missing for this functions… damm it! even the catergory function is screwed. wordpress prob on a secondary server or something now!

but then again, just how much can his royalness whine about it? afterall, it’s free services… no point bitching so much abt it! HMPF!!!


and then, his royalness found out that his friend has migrated to wordpress mods too. just that. he’s using it on his own server. it’s so lureing to find time to set up the royalness domain too! hmpF! let’s see….

maybe after his royal exams. his highness wil find some time to do something about setting up his lovely domain! hmpF!!!! not to be outdone!!!!


Oliver kahn has just been boot out of his no. 1 dreams for germany. and here comes arsenals’s no. 1, also 36 yeasrs of age to replace him. poor oliver… just he just been oliver twisted! no more king of germany.


darn… compiling world is really a bitch. at least it’s fun to read and laugh the funny words some use. the goddes of rainbows was saying the other time that poly grads have an horrible command of the english language. rationale: no GP for them = poor summarising skills.. n funny wordings all over. yes.. goddess of e rainbows.. his royal highness now shares your view.

the other time, xl from chi class was also saying something like this. put a maths n a life sci together together for an arts essay// u get.. maths + life sci = one lousy essay…

he fainted when xl said tt. funny gal!


js.. editing halfway… his royalness had already racked his brains out.. thrown his crown off.. stomp on it for many times when he was only half way past the content of the blue lines (yeah…blue lines….) yuck!!! *once again.. he agrees with goddess of rainbow. yes. u r right!

*bulids a temple for goddess of the rainbows on the isle of the winds*