times flies… his royal highness has gotten use to wordpress having technical difficults with the rich editor… he gives up all hopes of posting this funny funny pic he hases… and carries on with school….

but hey, wait a minute. as of april 13 march, 2006. the workyear for the royal school has ended. it’s the last day of sch for studying, and all that’s left is the great thing call the exam… where all the knights, champions, princess, archers …etc etc are ranked up.


a great day, the morning was great. his royal highness was actually early for sch. he assumed that he was the first one, and happily stroll, taking big majestic steps uphill. and hey, he sees kendo girl. his royal highness cursed. Nooo.. it’s the last day, and he still can’t beat his ladies in becoming first.

lady bella came next, follow by lady jaslyn, lady meijie and ladycaroline… and soon, all the other royal ladies and attendents arrived. guess what, the lady kathy who always compains that his royalness’s late arrival is late… haha!

his royal highness laughs so hard that he almost fainted!!!


the goddess of the rainbows mentiones that she’ll bring the “box that captures images” to school to capture all the “souls” in the group for memories sake. oops.. no picture taking because everyone rushes to the royal dining area for lunch…

the grand advisor [M]&Ms broght the camera (box that captures images) too. again, everyone forgot when everyone was discussing plans after eating…


after the feast of dumplings… western meals and CTE’s pig food, every1 started pondering.. sharing interesting stories of “she bei bei” (old tiko man)…..

and then the ipod maddess started spreading, overrunning in a mad wave. and then, the lady kathy got itchy hand, started viewing all the anime pics in the phone. then all hell broke lost with lady bella and lady jas lost in the wave… (okay… m&m n f&ns’s already long got contact the maddess… cte?… rocketing off b4 the virus spreads…)


KTV or mug… it’s the hardest million dollar question of the year. whereas the whole world had started mugging for this seasons anime… his royal highness jsut started a new season of anime from japan… not to mention getting reaady for world cup season… hey… at least we got some who haven started. cheers to all laggers! we lag!

KTv with K n B? or mug again with C. M. F? mug… lol productive day.. with interesting night! haha!


morale of the story… somethings.. never hope for anything. and the man up there may just give ya a miss bonus and day. hope for a lot… the man just gives ya a stunt… n mess u up..