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okay, now that the pictures from kurogane’s site got ur attention…

let’s see… his royal highness has been flowing in a state of estasty even since thoughts has been cleared. and now, we have back the hebe (S.H.E) fantatic, the oh sexy she-who-must-be-named sysdrome, and the new, haruhi phenomen.


his royal highness has been sleeping and drifting in ‘lala’ land for the few pathethics days spent mugging with the royal panel. after which, he will enter a trance of gaming-logy and relax. and then.. he’s gonna sleep on his cosy, warm, bed in the royal chambers.

and the dreamings begins…


okay, and today… just after having excellant Lunch, porridge… his royalness retired back to his chambers for a nap. and violA.. a new dreaming started..

it’s funny. his royalnes dreamt of having great with many great people. all of a sudden. every1 seem to be in the same exam halls.. despite the fact that in the dream, everyone was doing different exam papers on their respective major papers….

it was fun. halfway, the great hungry goddess starts destributing food all around. and everyone start muching the choclates. out came the tibits next. and of course… the “cogolate” sweets from his royalness pops out and goes spoiling the mood. and then… ice kajiong.. chee teng…all came out…. to top it out… coca cola drinks flow out from nowwhere into the mugs.

well.. all this appeared in the mids of an exam.

such is the fun of an exam. if something likes tt happens…



indeed, his royal highness is easily satisifiec. as long there’s “interesting” people around. as long theres’s girls around. as long he’s in the vincinity of important person(S). he’s happy.

and his royal highness smiles. the royal advisors cheers. the royalthies sings their praises…!