I love this cat!!!

and today marks the beginnings of the examinations days at the royal varsity. what a day it is indeed. a day where the royal band will be playing the symphony classical pieces, tragedy no 01,


the day began with an symphony pieces that sings praises of a new day. birth of a new day, marked by sms from cool people. such blessings never fail to brightened the morning up. well… let's just ignore the fact that his royal highness is never a morning person. more of an nite owl that is 🙂

and wooo~ rumbling hearts piece 01 started playing. there actually exists good looking people at the bus-stop. Amazed, the rumbling tunes continues to play…

until. tragedy piece no 01 started rolling herself in…

tragedy piece no 01: "the train is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. any inconvenience is deeply regretted" and then, the train jerks and moved on.

tragedy piece no 02: "the train is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. any inconvenience is deeply regretted" and then, the train jerks twice and moved on.

and the finale A of the tragedy scores struck. pieces 03 basically started the peak of the piece. "the train is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. any inconvenience is deeply regretted" and then it goes "the train will stop functioning at this station (red hill), all passenger are to alight and board another train.

finale B was basically conducted by his royal highness and all the passengers on the train. the first note of the piece was "F", for fffAAAaRRRrKKKKkkkk……!!!

the combine note rang true in the train, as everyone leave the train.

as the time ticks closer and closer to examination time…

-= the curtains started rolling down for a new musical piece=-


rumbling 03 started at the premises of the royal varsity where the royal exams was to be conducted. at least, there were some cool people to chat with before the scripts came in.

and then, more tragedy pieces filled the air. the terrible lingua franca by the royal master scribeman (women) was terrible. considering that the lingua franca was set to the English. it was !@##$%^&*() unbearable and unfit for human understanding. at the first glance, all the royal candidates were astonished. once could hear all the gasp from the startled room.

now…. with such terrible command of the language…. it's seems to be the work of a lazy apprentice… then coming from the hand of a master. how disappointing.

what a bang!


lunch was the most rumbling pieces of music after all. what a lunch session. a group for 7 people. the royal advisor sitting in front, the royal protector sitting beside. hey, who says they can't be women.

man, alwasy underestimates the power of the women, forevern deeming them as the weaker gender. hence, many belittle them and fall under their power. when, his royal highness understands them to be as capable, if not the BETTER.

and what's more, we have the hungry goddess aka the talented hand sharing interesting pieces she made, using tissue, tissue rose. something fragile… really fragile… now, that's art. interesting indeed. okay, after wasting 3 lines on the goddess… let's proceed on the next important topic. yup. 3 lines wasted.


lunch the royalties (for those who refused to acknowledge the title, ya my loyal subjects citizens who cleans chamberpots aka night-soil holders [too tough? toilet cleaners]) are always enlightening and delightful.

now, lunch with the ladies are fun.

lunch with men are alwasy revolving on the same corny boring bits. it's always on

1. women

2. cars

3. politics

4. more women.

5. more cars.

6. repeat points 1-3 all over many many times…. (u get the idea)

in addition, everyone seems to be in a terrible rush for food when the man gather. 15 min of eating, and everyone gets restless. and the topic goes back to points 1-3. interesting? be my guest then.

lunch with the ladies are on the other hand, more insightful. there's new topic generated everything. everything under then sun can be a topic. okay, most of the thing, the topic gets throw away so fast, a new topic is started after like abt 1 min. but hey, no complains. at least it's new stuff.. and does not keep revolving on women, cars, politics…

now… lunch with men? or ladies… u decide….

me? the latters' the more suitable choice…

p/s: [M]&Ms…. guess the mystery weeper… lol… read back issues loh..