“frankly”, “honestly speaking”, are the words that the “great darren” always circulated during the army days in 3rd guards. “frankly speaking”, i’m totally annoyed with this phrase, especially when it’s goes into tape playing mode from him. and that’s that. okay, darren is a nice guy. just naggy =(

so, how come i’m using such an opening? that’s because i’m (yup, ya seem me use “I” and not “his royal highess” cos i’m bored of 3rd person stuff… well… at least for now… [waited a bit… till i’have gonna more juice to think of a new 3rd person identity real REAL soon….” doing to start my entry like this:-


frankly speaking… today’s been an extremely hyper day!!!

reviewing today, that’s really nothing worth being hyper about. it’s just a day where the “bored” is forcing his hyper juices to run in motion. yup~ at least, in general, the hyper was worth it 😛


now, girls always complains that we guys never understood the torture of them Qing for the toilet. okay, it’s long due time for such a counter agruement to exists…

let’s see… I (see the point… really to much “I” makes someone self centred”….)

okay…. back to royal highness nonsense again…

let’s see and here’s goes again:

let’s see… his royal highness chanced upon to visit the toilet at mpsh today. and for grace’s sake…. he has to Q for like 5 minutes before it was his highness’s turn? he actually has to Q? ARGH!

now…. do you gals go saying guys never experience a Q in the toilet…. his royalness just DID!


went to the exam halls…. squeeze his way to the little haven of lovely JS groupie. and as usual, the elites that consists of his royalness, annie, oliv, bella, kathy could be seen slacking around… talking… and not mugging, where the rest were engross in forcing all the information done.

even the royal protector [M]&Ms was radioed into mugging MODE… (hey, our midnite dicussion rocks, everything came out!!! thanks)


let’s side track a little… his royal highness has done a little ESP test… and it’s “PROCIGNITION”, the abiitlity to shift into future zone mode. to know slightly into the future. be it throught dreams… (hey… [F]&Ns agrees)….

okay. back to topic


now… hmm… where were we? argh ! (lightbulbs shoots UP)

and his royal highness meet the great sotong weiming…. who happens to sit infront of him. talk a bit. got an echo back. —> oh JUUDEE… how can u stand talking to HIM? WAO LAO


exam was boring.. and oddly silly….

we get Q n As like… geisha’s leading “high tech” in japan.. —> ya right….

so bored that.. after doing… n sleeping… his royalness was like…. drawing pictures… we have others coloring on the Qs papers…. lol… yes.. we are a bunch of multitalented ppl.. right brainers rock!


LUNCH was most happening… (shall not discuss) the preveillage will know the good the bad the ugly and the HUNGRY!!!


back to exams.. boring fart exam n exam new rules. crap

we have 1. 1 PAGE ans for 1 Qs… (it’s like 15 marks?)
2. starting the exams 10 mins before the time?
3. doing a debrief b4 the paper (which starts 10mins early?)
4. mutter guy who can speak clearly (hell did we know tt it’s 1 page per ans maX or 2 or 3)
5. by the time it’s 30 mins. gone from 1pm..(mind u..we started 10 min early.. so technically it’s like 40 min into the paper), we have new instruction to limit ans to 1 pages from prof shim and later dr chung(tW) says 2 pages)
6. so.. who do we listen to? hmm.. his royalness did like 3 pages for Qs 1… !@#!@$!@$!@$!@%$(


okay… later must send email n SHOOT n complain —> why? cos his royal highness not only descends from a bloodline that works in the media industries…. but also happen to inhert the “chilli padi complaining via email skills from his cousins, mumu n bibi

shoot email AH!!!!!


and we have lunch ALONE. featuring his all mightly royal highness… and the guess what? we have company! wow~ fun~ eating alone is boring loh~ hehe 10x 10x


mug in sch sia… CL1101E.. chinese.. EEK… boring work~ at least with great company.. work was much easier.. cheers to mugger’s united union (workers union.. watever)


ELECTIONS IS OUT~ his highness’s GRC gets to VOTE! WOW!

are your jealous?


considering that the year his royalness was born in, 1984… it’s a lab rats year….
we have
1993: streaming exam for gifted… he nearly gifted (for crap)
1996: the 1st PSLE modify tt is tested on him
2000: we have the Os 1sdt modify tested on them
2002: we have chinese B? wtf…. (lol~ funny notion)
2002: we have As… tt is also new modify
2002: we have SATs tt was used on us.. and NOT used in the later years n batchs…
2005: we grad from ARMY aka ORD.. and the govt betrays us by cutting from 2.5 to 2 yrs in army~ CRAP
2005: we have new modules in ARTS ~ YEAH!
2006: and now.. we have ELECTIONS~ a 1st timer for 21 yr old.. going on to 22 royal highness

now… are you excited? cos he IS! finally a fight! yeah!

may the better “lie-er” win the SG elections (DISCLAIMER: “lier” heres is a fun term and no means tied to any policatial organization)


yes~ it’s a great day