and so, the plans are being drafted up. we have 1. the chalet. 2. the possible work plans 3. the big walk. 4. slack-ing. 5. swimming. 6. dota-ing with the guys. 7. hanging out with guys. 8. hanging out with the gals.

but wait a min, isn't it too soon to make arrangements for all these concerete plans? yes indeed, it is too soon to settle such isues when other matters are still dangling halfway…

the wedding bells are ringing… the general elections are beginning… but… the exams in NUS aren't!!! instead, the process of mind draining action goes on as per normal in school. the threat of being branded stupid goes on. the worrying of not scoring an A goes on. the battle of who ends the exam LAST goes on…

MAY 02: a day where the plans for his royal highness will begin. a day when exams end. away from all the mind battering thoughts… away from the belittle thoughts of the insigifacant. away from the rumbling thoughts… to the realm of peacehood. away from school… away from the ppl whom are not welcomed on sight, and also away from the ppl who are welcomed anytime anywhere, anywhen!

however, even before may02. his higness is already counting the days… the calender is marked. and holiday mood already commereces. a trip to the library to get good books to brain feed on has already began just hours ago. the dota-ing sessions with the guys have reignited.


his royalness should be stardeeing now… and not … sobs….


his royalness caught with the guys the other day for "work". everyone met up. we talked, we chat, we gossip (yup, guys do that too) and his highness walked them to MPSH exams grounds.

and it was TRAMUSATISING! why ?

outside the hall… we have not one. not two, but a few FREAKING hundred of males walking around, making rowdy noises… holding books and notes. welcome to the world of "men"

it was like WOW… since when, and where do you see so many men around in school.

to his royalness, the notion was absolutly GROSS and terrifying. the atmosphere was tense around him. not because of the stardeeing and all the noise.

it was… it was the smell of all the MEN.

yes… his royalness needs help. he's developed MEN-O-phobia. the newest virus that only affects males.


FASS has been known as THE "guy HAVEN" welll, at least thats what every moron agreed on. especially when they know his royalness was heading there after he ORDs. everyone and every non-human soul was like… "wa… u sick lucky fellow… so many gals…(followed by a chain of !@#!@ words"


ya right… whoever believes in such a theory is weird. it's true… we have a lot of gals within the promxity.. but wait.. there's other issues involved that's not seen to the rest who are just weird. beneath all the lucky "wa.. lots of gals.. so happy" notion, we have the deadly MEN-O-phobia.

below are the steps of developing it.

1. We survive in a world of girls. This causes a sysdrome. we have "guy-phobia" or MEN-O-phobia. directly, or indirectly (just chose watever term u like) means that… when we see a lot of guys…we get gross out…

2. we live around gals… gals like crowds (okay… it's should be.. "in general") we see groups of gals moving around. we see figures of 2 and more… and at times, we have a CLUSTER. you see, everyone loves company. it's the thing. hang out with gals more… and u crave such company. this gives us a problem. we are not AFRAID of being alone. it is not STRANGE to be alone. it is BORING to be alone.

back when life was in pri.sec.jc.ns…. it's good to be alone. it's fun to be alone. it's strange to be in huge groups.

3. because, we are possible the only males or the few that are in the harem of gals. ppl view us in a different light.

they think: "oh crap… heaven is unfair to us. why is that dwib hanging with so many gals? i'm much more handsome and macho"

they think: "hell…. the guy with the gals must have done some satanic thing"

ya right.. jerkballs!!

4. technically speaking, when the gals complained about other males… we really can't help but wonder… "oops.. i'm a guy too.. which side should i stand?" stand with the guys… ya're dead. side with the gals… we "lose" our manhood.


5. fass is womens' world. being the odd animal in the land. we are viewed like ZOO exhibits when other faculties look at us. they think… (refer to no. 3)

6. we are the minority. we learn not to argue. –> this makes appear generally weaker then the barbaric ppl who belong in the all man's world.

we have: "this guy is a whimp… can't even fend for himself. weak"

go jerk off!

7. overexposure to gals==> we start to think and view stuff in a different light –> ya're going to screw up big time when u hang out with the guys…cos the thoughts are no in sycn…

8. NEXT…. in arts.. with a ratio of 4 gals to 1 guy harem-hood accordingly… THIS do not meant we get all the chicks. this mean… all the CHICKS run away from us.. cos we r NOT MAN enough…..

they think:" ladies man… weak.. we need a macho man who can give us security"

9. we tell someone that we are in arts. they go like

"wa… izzit true that there's a lot of gals? 4: 1? 3:1? sure or not?"

"you go arts for the gals right? so LUCKY!"

"wa…. can F around sia… haven"

people simply do not take us seriously….


okay… it's time in this holidays to hang back with the guys…to regain the "manhood".

BORING shit…