wat a day…

and i'm now watching the elections live on tv now. for the past an hour of so, i've neglected all duties of gaming (yes… duties…), anime watching, chinese drama watching, talking, going out, just to see the elections live on TV. boi, and it's worth every bit of it. considering that it's my first election that that i bothered.


newsflash: PAP won 1st individual RC. boring. cannot even remember the rc.

newsflash: hougang battle. PAP lose. sighs… but a big margin. guess ah liu from WP wins ah liu from PAP. and i thought with SM Goh inpower. it will be a close fight. but BORING.. hougang is WP again. lair of WP lord power.

newsflash: macperson debate. not even consider a debate. PAP sure win lah. 68% vs 32% overkill.

okay, so it's exciting now. and i'm perspiring. not from elections. but from the heat of the notebook on my lap. lol!

newsflash: PAP won bukit pajang. PAP overkill again.


today was boring in the morning. it was rainy and it make me bored n i headed back to piggy land. woke at 12pm. shower. went down to vote.

it's was SO SIANZ. Y? no long Qs. apparently i thought singaporeans can't be bothered to vote… but wait…. lol… hang on lah…

let's describle how it goes for those who can't vote cos they are like.. UNDERAGE?

newsflash: pap wins joo chait. PAP overkill again.5 down..a few more to go sia

entrance to the voting station was strict.? okay.. somehow boring lah.

at the entrance. i was stopped by some1. check my nric n polling card.

went in. to stage 1. clearance. off hp. check stuff and directed to A2. A2 is my polling booth. there's A1 and A2 for my area.

enter the inner halls. went to A2. check my nric n card again. mark n cross my name on their list.

went to the stand beside. got my polling card. it's fun. they accounced my name. my call number. LOUDLY. so cool. if there's a lot of ppl. it will be fun. made us feel important. but guess.. that's the pt. to make ur feel saintly abt it.

but it's a pity. when i went. i'm the the few of the few…


becayse the reason is because… everyone has voted B4 me. when i went and check in. the ppl who voted b4 me was like… all done. everyones name was crossed. i'm the last one on my page… lol HOHOHOHO


so fast. and then, (pardon the shitty organistaion n louya english, cos it;s HOT, and i'm typing on my melting LAP). got the card. went to this divider to mark the party i'm voting (not tell u who)

pop the paper in. n left… and went to cut hair.


wow. i took like less than 10 minsutres to vote… and i took way more time to cut my hair.. HMPF! how can this be.

newsflash: PAP wins chua choo kang. wlll it be an overkill? yah.. again. poor xie jing feng lost. sad. lost twice. big margin. SUPER OVER KILL some more.

hair cut Q was long. waited for like dunno how long. ended up completeing reading half (the word completed mislead u ritte? haha) be it's my turn.

cut the hair.

my hairdresser is cool. lol. female. lol. cool. lol. cos she was singing as the hair was snip snip cut cut. nice voice. i just love nice voices. her's was a blend of alto n saprono. nearer to alto 1 range.

hair cutted. short.

newsflash: PAP guy almost voice slipped. the media was interviewing him and asking how he feel. he say: wo fei chang de jing… gao xin 我非常的惊 。。。 高兴。。。 hha… this means.. he's shock he win… hahaah~ funny~


and now, it's live chatting with the guys. 2 oppositional supporters. 2 netural. and 1 more. and tt's me. lol

newsflash: jalan besar GRC.. who will win? ah.. stop speaking so slow!!!! faster tell me ans! PAP: 58898. rejected: 292. total. 87166. PAP wins…. expected. oh ya. it's the 1st GRC result.

the online chat contines.

newsflash: PAP is now the govt with the 47 of 84 seats taken.

newsflash: nee soon east: he bing kee wins (prob spell wrongly loh). PAP wins again. how exciting..?

the online chat goes on again when the results are out. the 2 extremists starts shooting silly accusation. we have. fuck. shit. ccb. cb. knn. knncbb. we need a strong voice. but they fail to think. ya we need a strong voice who can work. not NATO loh.. lol


so now, everyone's waiting for potong pasir n aljunied GRC. and boi, i guesss, for media sake to lock the audience into the show, we have the counting parties purposing trying to push it back for a climate? hmmm.. maybe ma… lol

newsflash: potong pasir: PAP lose. chiam see tong won. AGAIN. HOW boring. old man of 70+ win. wa lao. old man win. so sianz. and everyone was saying we need young blood. poor situ yubing. lost. PAP 44.16. chiam: 100-44.16 (count urself LAH)

but then again. chaim has been holding the power place for 22 years man…. his stronghold. lol! and for now, it's still 2 seats as for last few elections. hougang. potong pasir still lies in the hands of the them. sighs. the retain in the hands of the opp parties.

now, we can all predict that PAP will win the remining votes right? now.. if there is a black dog win. now… i'm belong to alungined GRC. wat will happen? (wondering? i'm still typing live NOW) so i dunno…. lol…

newsflash: we have tampinese GRC under ma ba tan… wa… old man.. i'm sure he will win.. and he does WIN. 68.51 for PAP. 31.49 for opp. lol. it's like OVERKILL again.

after all, all that he has lead to make tamp into wat it is today. he rocks? okay.. aljunied GRC. my GRC.. wat will happen? will be be WP or PAP.

a friend's bro commented like this: PAP = pay and pay. WP = why pay? this is funny. (no illentations lah… just for laughts.. dun sue me)

so funny!

and we continue to await. the time is now 0003 hours. sunday 07 may


newsflash: PAP wins again for nee soon central.

aiyah.. neesoon area so many army HQ n camps.. of course the govt n dominating party will do all to win loh… the thing is. it seems that all STRONGHOLDS that have been traditionally held by the winning party in tt area is still the SAME.
newsflash: ang mo kiao under PM LEE. PM LEE wins! and we have PM lee talking.

and me watching him talk on TV. wa lao. boring lAH! still got aljunied GRC lah. faster lAH. but the thing is, the newbies who are known to be suducide actually gets to get some votes. tough sian.. PM lee at threat sia..

newsflash: EAST coast GRC –> WP: 37867 PAP: 66890. reject 200 plus. PAP wins.. expected lah…  3 MORE!!!! 3 MORE GRC TO GO! YES!!!!!

it's true. they alwasy left the big big big grc stuff behind 1.. as a climax thing

newsflash: PAP ownage sia.. totall overkill… paris ris potong.

so far still 2 seats for opp. guess it's PAP ownage again. 


finally AJUNIELD GRC! wp president vs george yeo from pap. who will win? it's my GRC. i am excited. and YES!!!!!!!!!! PAP wins ajuniiled GRC belongs to PAP. WP can "thank you, please try again next year"

man. this is the toughest GRC war for this sia. pap 56% wo 43.92%. and it's true. mom was saying that when she voted. she heared all the old man shouting WP. but thena gain, the old farts will all rest in peace really soon. so.. it's PAP reich.

ya. i'm PAP 😛 hehe~ the one with the power and strength and resources should always rule. POWER if might.



newsflash: sembawang GRC PAP overkiLL… OVER KILL… it's like PAP 76.70% and dunno which opp party has a puny amount.

sembanwang is an army base. PAP must win. and they did.

 PAP wins. this is all.. the rest is boring. time to enjoy life


receive 2 calls to request my mr fix it hat mode. damm boring. refuse to tok abt it. weakenlings  who ask silly Qs.

and here ends the cast on election sg