backed and alive from chalet. maddess. amazing, everyone became THE (prounced as D) oversize kids. beside the only kid look alike (we all know who she is… she's our sweet [tt's a lie] host), everyone was back was warped in kiddy land.


meet up with the rest to shop for chalet. got stuffs took bus to chalet. end up winding one big round to chalet. had to call meiyi for guiding. lol~ poor gal exam yesterday…. oops…

ended up succesfully alike at aloha loyang again. it's quite funny, the other 2 time, we had the chalet at the same place, at bungalow 9, and 7. this time around, it's at bugalow 8. this is like living in a compelete set! combO!


slack. slack. play brigde tok cork. insteresting gathering loh. and everyone end up at the playground inside aloha tt's only suppose to house kids 7- 12. that nite, the clinque was like,19-20-21-22 of age all inside. EEK.

playing with balls. jinxun. iris. siyu. yiting. alex. sherlyn. alex. me. all inside.. lol~ it's crazy. like reliving some pri sch kid fantasy gaming.

funny~ since like wat was not played in the chilredn era was all regain at indoor playground. lol


oh….. had a nite of guessing puzzle. lol…. comclusion. guys are better at it. lol. here's how it goes.

the coin 1: can move and can be touch
the coin 2: can be touch. but it can't move
the coin 3: it can move. but it can be touch

touch is defined by: not being abt to have contact with each other
the 3 coins are in contact in a linear manner.

Qs: how to u put coin 1 btw coin 2?

LOL. the guys look. smile. and walk away. all got it. (well.. most). the gals… took some time. lol….


whole nite play bridge. talk a lot of other ppl. funfunfunfun…. seems tt 2 of them showed promising skills. wa…


wateched sunRISE. watched sunset the nite b4. and took pics. LOTS. LOADS.

the sunRISE. fun. lots of ppl.. not sleeping the whole. all on the verge of fainting and blabbering watching the sunRISE. sun R-I-S-E!!! pose here pose there. take pic here n there.. like mad ppl…

wait n wait. wait n wait. tok n tok. played chinses link words games… ending up with the "zi" ending all e time. FUN. and it seems yesterday when this game was played on the way home from sch in the primary sch days. (yes that how childish i'm


althought some ppl didn't come. it was still exciting. well… diff mixup of ppl will result in a diff sort of FUN! bike the whole day today. stop and played playground. swing. spell dish. just spinning spinning faith jen amber. cool ppl.


lose to guessing game to faith. darn! boring shit. BUT hey. ur friend is still COOL. hehe~ 'A' loh i meant. interesting character. not 'bb.' =D


mad. tired. dying . deprived of sleep. tml's work. ARGH~ betta not screw up. had to call ant.ys last nite to hear the shit n juices. ended up walking to n fro at chalet like KING… lol.. or big bussiness… lol.


nite world. i'm dead. maybe if i live.. will tok abt some psy stuff on chalet outing tt's was observed. lol

P:S this post is actually on e nite i got back from chalet.. all messy n mad.. just a general outline… forthe stuff learn observe and how the emotions were overflowing.. ido it when i have the time.