and as haruhi goes into crazy mode in "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", the real world continues her sad story. no magical unicorns to purify the waters, no elves to cast elfish magic, no star magic from the book of the stars…

and at the core of the tree of live, the rot grows…


they always say no news is good news. when there's news, it's always bad news. and bad news spreads like fire. we have not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 shitty news.

and it all involves bloodshed.

every1 seems to be hurt. all of a sudden, just like magic, chaos seem to crept into everyone's heart. no wonder everybodies' confused.


maybe as humans, we care too much abt others. the elves care much abt the trees and nature. the mages care all abt magic. humans, care abt other humans too much.


maybe, we should all stop caring, and de-envolved into emotionless beings. just how much will the world be? no1 will care abt any1. if anything happens to them, no1 will hence feel anything.

won't the world be a better place?

it hurts to care, to get too emotionally attached.


they say beasts dun have much emotions. so, wat ya say? let's all become beasts. maybe we will all be much happier.


god bless to sy,m,f,wy,my.b.k. the 7 who are suffering. god bless u.