went to bed the other nite pondering…

it was the usual, constant boring dota-ing with the guys, coupled with a few roundhouses when the cursing and swearing goes on, at full volume. his royal highness could almost hear them smashing the keyboards, and roaring like apes on the mikes. oh well… boys will be boys..

we have the "i dun like losing". "sianz, i hate losing" , "knn", "ccb" and wat so ever nonsense. the set of events ended at 0400hrs wor. eh? it's almost 0400 hrs now too…

yet, his royal highness seem to be having a much clearer mind.


sy didn't get into it in the end. and almost seem to be on the verge of breaking down. the load of having to face our crappy jc, facing crappy teachers from jc, and all the younger kids just aren't helping her at all.

not to mention the shitty comment we both encounter when we got back out As the other time. now, as far as everyone is reading now, let's clarify something now. sy n i are not in the same year. she's like in the 1987 conhort, and i'm the 1984 rotting corspe-hood.

so, how did i know some1 who's like 3 years my age? well, sy's my junior from sec sch. hmmm… junior won't really be a correct word to use at this moment, since most people will define junir as someone you have seen b4, or at least in the same social circle, cca etc etc.

k, i know her from irc~ back then, she's prob belong to the ppl i talk to on irc~ yeah, back then, IRC was really the 'in' thing. got to know her then. NV saw her b4 though. lol. so it's really weird to remain in contact after all this years… me sec4. she sec1. cimmuicating on a IRC plaform. lol

and y do i rememeber her so well? cos she's part of the 2 who gave birth my to christian name:P u rock SY~

okay, back to the point. now, how to one confort a friend whom ya have never met? but was able to remain in contact somehow? i wonder. sighs…

so on we all grad from cchsm (the best school ever) and just like me, she got int tpjc. tpjc, or tampinese junior college is wat i feel as the shittest junior college in the whole of singapore (that's i how i feel abt it… so, you can't sue me!) now why?

we can actually awarded the shittist teacher awards to them. we can also get the most emotionless award to them. let's not forget inhuman award.


humanely speaking, which tutor will say something like this? or even close to this? "thank you, please try again next year ?" okay, it's actually like this… "it's okay, you might want to try again next year" or even "do you wan me to get the retain application form for you?"

i mean, it's like… HOLY SHIT. wtf is wrong with you? now, ya see the point of y TPJC is really a shitty sch? the tutor who was supposed to be dearest to you (i lie.. not dearest, but after all, u do see them like very day.) and he says something like tt to u. it's castrophsurc2131z312*(&Y#!(@&%$ 12#!@&$!(@^$)!

on the day his royal highness got his As results, he heard this. crapshit. and on the day SY got her results, she got the same crap. tt's Y tpjc SUCk… (okay, there are other factors tt coupled in, but.. that's not the pt here)


considering that both SY n his royal highness come from cchsm, lived in east region, went to tpjc (sadly)…. and SY being the 1 of the holy 2 who gave his name, his highness really wanna help her a bit here and there. HOW? it's like an impossible task…


reg up big walk for the gang. rainbow goddess n mr car reg theirs too. now it's left with fish. a total of 6 strong confirm. cheers.


somethings, everyone meet up with lots of shits that always seem to come in loads. they just need some encouragement to face it. since, for 90% of the time, they've already gonna a plan or idea or even a sketch worked out to resolved the matter. but then again, i question again, does listening, giving encouragement help at all?

it does, but it's not enough @ all… so what can actually be done?

sometimes, the best remedy is just to hug the person you care abt. but in general, we don't go hugging everyone who you think needs comfort. sometimes, the urge of wanting to comfort someone, and yet not be able to, or not close enough to, really suck.

well, that's because, life really sux.

okay, just for some. this hug do not meant that hug. the comforting hug is not those lechery ideas ya all pondering… sighs….


swam today, with ant n xl @ tampinese new swimming poo. apparently because it's new, the staff dumped in loads of chorine, just around an hour, and all 3 of us got bloody red eyes…

there's even a mini "big" (Small lah) splash. cool!


4 months and approximatly 15 days to R. I. P


if only we can all move on… and leave no man behind to suffer.