wordpress ate his royal highness's post again… sighs… not again? and yes, wordpress is getting fat!!! from saturated new users who migrated from blogspot to wordpress, from weird ppl who search "food" on his highness' blog. yup, for the unwitty, the search records wat ya search on the blog… lol…

okay, after 2 games of ownage, the day defin"eat"ly felt better… the art of venting frustations and clearing thoughts from playing games is termed as "carthesis". now… that's for letting everyone to learn a new term everyday…


and yes, the day to settle ian's cilent, kellie was definitly an killer process. coupled with hardware conflicts, and self-proclaimed "trouble shooter" kellie, ian was in overkill mode… S_T_R_E_S_S!!!

mission accomplished @ 1500 hrs. everyone skip lunch! wow… talking abt dieting!

handover successfully, and off to return to techie stuff back to HQ. got the pay~ and left the place a satisified man. not that the pay was a lot. it's the fact that everyone learned a lot from the few days we had.

the outsourcing tatics that are used all over the world with globalization~ 

S has to do some upgrading. they hired D, an IT company, who outsources to A, B and C. C outsouces to us, the technically indifference with "some" skills to settle a job. "we" are entitled to "caress" and dismantle the system. wow…

now.. let's see… if ur computer is spolit.. u contact D. D gets A, who gets us.. the "unqualitfy" to break ur com. are u scared? Are you scared? are you scared yet? are you scared yet? (as opposes to ARE WE THERE YET? *repeat 1000000^10000 times*


oh no. discussing with the royal advisor co-currently for some plans. just received silent treatment. no reply. this is bad. it was noted when there's no respone for a certain period of time. one has just hit jackpot and got the 1st prize: SILENT treatment….

damm the game. played too much… haiz…. the guys or the gals… it's a  difficult choice. ppl whom i know for abt 10 years? or someone whom i know for abt a year but yet is equally important. choices. knock knock….



meet up with the guys after work. chat. crap. chat. crap. chat. crap. drank drank drank….. the royal guys.. drank.. COFFEE…. and 1 oddball wc (sounds like toilet..lol) drank tea @ coffeebean…..

it's pretty interesting considering that des (aka desporado or despo since he a hardcore mugger) wc are alwasy mia…. the table of the round was form. his royal highness, rabbit (ys), antz, despo, w.c, arrived with zeal to GOSSIP!

from politics, sch, singapore, heaven, hell, to wat so ever. wow. lots of catching up (caught up will be nice… sounds so police)

his royalness miss everyone~ ever since every grad from cchsm… and procedd to jc (okay.. all ur JC life SUCKbig time). NS was fun and yet horrible in some aspects…. everyone from the table of the round hardly meet n rustle up, expect rabbit, antz.


latest updates… his royal highness did not received silent treatment.. lol~ cheers to the world~


on the long ride back home, his royalness was really thinking about something that despo mention earlier. despo asked: "rp, fass has a lot of gals, and ya surrounded by girls, so got girlfriend le?"





guess @ e moment, it's still e best to hang out with everyone! have fun, and not think abt such stuff…. that's the hard thing being 1 guy among many gals in fass. u end up falling in love with everyone~

let's promote fass.. we have the coolest ppl, funniest ppl, most ethu ppl (most of the them, excessively), the top notch! everyone falls in love with everyone.

it's all abt setting boundries… lol!

let's see. it's all in the mind. and how ya feel abt some1.

picture this. A likes to hang out, do the same stuff~ share ideas with B, C, D, E, F, G and so on n on n on. but how he feels will affect wat he thinks. easy? dun understand? ask me loh! haha~ maybe his royal highness will enlightened U! haha! he can like maybe Z(hmm.. for saftly reason. no 1 he knwos has initals Z… lol, we dun counts guys in of course) and feel totally different when doing the saem thing with everyone…

confused? his highness is too… but never…

time to spend time with EVERYONE (at this pt u wil know.. it's alwasy [let's minus the guys]) and love everyone! 


walked around today. saw many really interesting ppl (man or women u ask… u decide…lol…)


mission cheering begins tml!