his royal highness is actually a big big kid …. ? sobs sobs…
did crazy things today with the "crazy ppl". unbelievable. totally unbeliveable. it was like entering a time wrap where time reverse. 21.20.19, became 6,6,6, years old….


was actually beginning to do the blogging halfway when the guys msg for gaming. and the post was saved as a draft… the entry was titled: "draft #540"! wow… 540 posts… since Qi got his royalness to start blogging… and he can't believe the shit he had mustered on the virtual world… 


caught with the kids @ ps. the royal kiddy advisor, the royal kiddy protector, and his royal kiddy highness…

can't believe it, his royalness got himself lost again…? the other time, it was transporting himself to a wrong destination, this time, it's head butting to a wrong level @ ps… great…


movie: "the wild" 's a funny show. it's prob airing last @ ps, since the time everyone was watching was basically e only airing time slot…. wow…. worth every dime watching the show. just hearing royal KIDDY protector ROARing in laughter was worth it! it's alwasy good to see a big smile!

SMILE! *sneerS*

and the show was talking abt silent treatment…. LOL

the roaring laghter continues… while @ the left of his royal highness, a dad was busy snatching popcorn from his daughter's popcorn box…


and then, kiddy land opens. it's the arcade. a big regret stepping inside…. really BIG BIG regret… his royal highness was EXPOSED! EXPOSED to be a big big kid…. 😦

now, one will ask, y did the royal entities even enter the arcade in the 1st place? it was operation smile, stage 2.

saw the really cute CATZ… was totally eyeing it. and the "itch" got in…

and the softtoy grabbing session exposed not one, but two, but THREE Kids….

argh…. EXPOSED!


pig @ mos. advisor pig @ waffles day again. oh no… should have know it was coming! and chaos came.

final verdict, the mouth opened. something went in. the mouth closed. 3 kiddy pigs.. just great….

advisor did the classic FOOD stuffing! she got REJECTED! WAHAHA! by both of us~

i have high hopes in protector in defending her mouth… and then… she lost…

with protector down, his royalness highness quickly surrounded to the evil advisor… 😦



shopping was charactised(this sounds so science n geeky –> u get e idea… SCI = GEEK!) by slipper's hunt. 3 kids, stuffed with good food, wobbling around for slipper hunt tt goes by "someday, my prince will come". hmmmm… prince of what? i wonder…. papuper? donkeys? lol… of prince of ZZzzzZZzzzzZZz?

hey… his royal highness is a prince too… LOL~ ah~ maybe his highness can get a "someday, reservist will END" bag, or shoe. haha~


tired….. tired….. wat a day. wat a draggy day… y draggy? cos the legs offical started buckling @ home. "look mummy!. my legs are loose" lol!


ouch. leg pain. tml's another day of outing! swim~ yeah~

ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZ… tired.