very often indeed, everyone just needs a little push to get things too. some boo-ing, jeer-ing, encouragement ought to get the task done. more often then more, it's the –

1. it's awkquard.

2. i'm scared. 

3. i'll keep things cool

that screwed and messed stuff up.


more then 90% of the time, it's really boring to hear a lobsided point of viewed. take a basketball game for example. we have team 1984 vs team 1987.

team 1987 challenged team 1984 to a game of basketball. team 1984 being (watever nice word ya wan to use) say okay. and have a friendly game. team 1987 got e 1st 2 shots  with agressivenessand got really arrogant and corky. team 1987 gave the team 1984 e "magical look; belittle look".

a bad option.

team 1984 was already on a mad mood strike. wrong day to mess with them. they played real. team 1984 got bumped for catching rebound.

a clash begins.

but it's not a battle of e wills. team 1987 whine n did small talking. "oh… team 1984 was so rough… they did this n did that. it's only a game and they did this n did that"


now… if one was only to heard one 1 sided stand from team 1987. team 1984 will be the evil evil doer.

now let's heard team 1984's version

"we were playing. someone offered to play a friendly game. cool! and so we played. they got the 1st 2 shots. got corky arrogant and 1@#!$&!_."

"man, we'll e older guys. jeering us on a bad day sets us off" now… (team 1984 had the worse shit happening earlier, a team form of 3 chaps with unhappiness is not a team to mess with!" hehe

anyway, back to the point.

" and so, we started playing serious, doing the normal grabs for rebounds blah blah blah yade yade yade….."


so, who's correct? who's wrong?

watever your verdict. hear the 2 sides first.


ouch! everyone's gotten a nice job~ interview or wat so ever. BORED