a bull was shitting in e fields… there's where bullshit came from.a bird was shitting in e skys… there's where birdshit came from.

crap was shitting somewhere… there's where crapshit came from!!!


and when bullshit, birdshit, and crapshit clusters together, we have… —> buckets and cluster load of shit.


his royal highness was feeling like "his shity-ness" the whole day. woke up from his chambers feeling like shit. reverted back to lala land for more sheep n ZzzZ monsters.

got a few sms n calls. still feeling like shit. he went back to sleep…

played some games…. won….

yet the shitty-ness seems to go on.


cheerfulness and happiness went on strike. joy and smiles went for a holiday. fun went for a vacation too.

grievence, boredoom was left behind. irritation and sulk came for a visit.

the day was dripping with negativity.


an extremely AS beginning for a day. how nice….

AS for anti-social.

the absolutely desire NOT to talk to anyone. the absolutely thrill of AVOIDing everyone. the absolute joy in CAVEing =)

dripping with irony…




童话? 无。。。