and AMMAs went ringing…. A-M-M-As = auto messaging machine a(gent)?

AMMAs is a system that is used in the army to recall NS n NSF servicemen when they are needed for activation and recall. normally, it's just a boring and !@#$%^&*()_ mafan system.

but this thing around, it's AMMAs activation, from royal advisor.


welcomed the short break. welcomed the chance to do more 24hr on called going out. been a while since the exams started long long ago… and after KT returned to london. the activation pratice chances just decreases.

and the result was… a signifanct drop in speed. 20mins to get out and moving from the call. SLOW….

weeks ago, it's 15 mins… now it's 20? omg…


will resevierist get even 10mins? his royalness doubt so! time to practise the mad rush to put on uniform.pants.belt. cap. sbo.water filled. fieldpack. all in time to report in 10mins.. or is it 5mins? from e 1st summon. gods……..


meet e royal advisor. heard her rattle on A. lol~ yup! A belongs to the royal interest type. but then… well…. LOL!


oh… all mine? lol


faced with choices again. as royal protector said. how come it's only days after the mention. and things like this started coming up? hmm…

1. to go suntec to A?

2. or as promise. to harrness judy @ her store in ceni?? hmmmm…

the latter won. haiz!


this is unbelievably. the train was so packed tt the mission to somerset was aborted. the crowd in e train refused to budge. and every1 end up exiting @ orchard…:(

hey.. at least the long awaited book 6 of cult haruhi was there for sale @ imported session…


bugis was boring. visiting juudeee was more fun~ hehe~ a pity it's all ladies stuff for sale.. greatness wor judy… nv sell male stuff!


and after the reuslts of the day was out… everyone sang..

now i know my ABCs…. abCs… A – B – C!!!!