and when haruhi’s bored and in a crazy mode, she goes dragging kyon, yusi~, miraku out on her alien missions.

and kyon is bored, and waiting for a moments peace, haruhi goes crazy again and barge into his life all over again.

haruhu book 6

isn’t haruhi suzumiya kawaii? wa….!!! and here’s book 6! the sixth dan in haruhi-ism


had the strangest dream both last night and this afternoon. the one at night goes like this. or does it? well.. his royal highness has already forgotten abt the dream at night, expect for the fact that it was pleseant. really pleseant indeed.

well.. and here goes the one from the afternoon.

it goes like this.

(scenario changed)

it took place in a bunk. and saf bunk. it was like in the 80s. then every1 his royal highness knows in the army appeared in a small sqeezy room. the intenseively cursing session started. the punching started. blood flood.

and it was funny.

there’s was once when the his royal highness was 1 of those “people who sleep around in the army”. stay in camp, but no beds around? he goes sleeping around, on every’s bed when they were on duty. for a whole 2 months before he got a bed. yuck.


when one is playing chess, he must have an oppenent. and one must make the 1st move.

okay, the first part is getting an worthy player too.

and now, the player is found.

and the 1st move has began?

his royalness wonders… maybe? nvm….

dun think so much..


some1 was dicussing abt man-iness. hmm…. a tough cookie.

man. jerk. asshole. it’s all e same.

tt’s the verdict