his royal highness takes out his golden abacus… okay, silver is much nicer. since, anyway, his royalness likes silver then gold. and so, his royal highness takes out his silver abacus and on goes the tapping sound of the abacus.

on the first count, he got : nil

on the second attempt, he got : mild

and after many tries on his trusty silver abacus, the average result was close to ZERO and NIL.

althought it seem really futile to continue on, nevertheless, his highness summoned his royal accountant, royal mathematician and who even mildly good in doing calculation of chances, probability, and wat so ever.

and they heed the summons and performed their magic…

despite countless scryings… counting… on the abacus, on watever mathematical devices they have, the results were the same. no different. ZERO or nil…



still, an occasional scrying that works is still enough to satisfy his royal highness. and yes, he indeed is satisfy. Ah! My Goddess anyone?


Da Vinci Code rocks… imho, it's better then xmen3!!! but then…. okay.. DV code is nice!!!

despite the notion that a lot of viewers who haved watched it think it's boring, old school. it's pretty good. dan brown has e best ideas at such times.

one failture thought… the overall lighting in the show is dark. too dark imho. well…. nevermind.

good show, coupled with good people, new friends. what more can his highness ask?

a bit far to watch e show though… lol.

a good day indeed…


and so, after a long day, his royal highness plans his next move on his game. chinese chess. balls in his court now… he thinks…


kawaii ….


antz happily telling the world that his worksite is filled with women… and proclaims it's my ideal workplace.. and goes on with disciple wc on getting me a gf… lol…

dream on lah…

such a field to tok on, it's best to get disciple wc. the only time his royal highness remembered he was offically (pls noted the word offically), he was A-T-T-A-C-H-E-D in the queen's womb…. 😡


hmmmm~ peace…


very slowly, the winds continues to blow from the window. ever wonders what's the best view one could get from a person with decent length hair? or at least, long enought fringes on the front and side of the head?

it's the best when the wind is blowing in front of them, and the viewer is either

1. at the side

2. or behind the person.

got such a view at the busstop today.

reminds me of some1 his royalness used to know off… sobs…. 😦

4 months n counting to rip of 6 yrs