why indeed? one may question the above notion.

a friend of his royalness was wondering and was utterly puzzled about the strange works of how the man thinks, and how the women thinks conversly on the same matter. why does the man do this? why does the women do that (hmm.. why is a women asking such a Qs? a puzzle indeed…)

and so, for an answer… here's this! this seems like a probably answer…

just click on it, another window will open! dun worry!



strangely, there seem strange interprection from those who have been strangely attracted to the royality blog. the strange number of weirdos who have linked to this site has oddly increase in an expondnatiely (well… the equation is y=e^x; ya get the point right? his royal highness can't spell indeed… tt's what the royal scribe is paid to DO!)

and with the number of aivid readers climbing, everyone seem to have a diff understanding and opinion of what is being mention. for, a simple abbrievation XL holds mutilples meanings for different ppl.

XL could prob mean xinli to one. XL may also mean XIA LAN for another. XL, could also on the another hand mean XueLing to another. and so, everyones goes guessing in circles, each believeing what they believe holds true of sacred to them.

another baggered his royal highness to simply switch back to a fixed abbreviation for each person. another just ask him to quit the ridiculous riddling all together, and just to insert the real names.


now now, if the cat is indeed of out the bag, it would be fun anymore rite? the main notion of the abbrievation, shortforms, is to make the readers guess. to guess and to guess and to guess. afterall, life is all about guessing the correct choices, the correct options, and guessing who's worthy and who's not.

and so, let's the quest for the guess begin!