was watching the movie "eight below" the other day. it's basically a show by walt disney filmworks and just mainly goes about 8 dogs, with this other guy trainer called jerry wat so ever.

the main focus isn't really on the humans. rather, it's on the wolf dogs.

the whole plot abt the human and his boring stuff and relationship with other humans bored the viewer to tears….

on the contracty, only the parts where glacier were shown, and how the wolves dogs were surviving the the trip to retrieve them to mainland was really the main dish of the show…

left alone. no food. the wolfs dogs… (just wolves okay:? makes typin easier). the wolves had to hunt for food themselves.  when one of them was injured, the remaing furries caught seasbirds for her.

when food was low, they went food hunting. one of them found an dead whale shark on the iceberg. and return to get the rest to share the food.


at such a point where food was little, and they were all hungry, the wolf who found the food, did not eat first. rather, he chose to inform his fellow wolves.

put a human in the same situation, he'll prob eat till he's burst b4 telling the rest. perhaps. evening finishing everything without saying anything.


and wow, the wolved displayed pack spirit, attacking a commn enemy when they could have all run off. humans? they will just run off or play dead (heard of the bear and 2 friends? it goes like this. bear attack 2 human. human 1 scram n left his friend. human 2 played dead to escape)

and wat happen to the humans in the show? team spirit? they didn't show tt… or rather.. it miraclelessly appeared in the last 15 mins, where every1 just appeared. pooP~

and so, WOLVES >> HUMANS.


really,humans claim to be at the top of the chain. but, it's the wolves who display team spirit, and the brains… more selflessness indeed!