oh well…!?

wat a horrible day it was!?

it's faith's birthday! eekY~

a horrible person was born on this day


cele [C]TE's, [F]&Ns, Marshal C, GA's bday all in one shot! lucky ppl…. since it's all in the span of 2 weeks. before the reservist date! hehe

it's disgusting!


mission to do part of a puzzle succeeded with the talented ppl around. all the time chewing gu, courtesy from rocket launch CTE. an as usual, GA did his AS mode, and Marshal C in soccer talk mode. preaching everyone to the wonders of betting on soccer….

eat talk, watched the waitress going all hots over Marshal C. lol….

Proof 1: waitress flashing Marshal C the white smile everytime there was a chance

Proof 2: waitress volunteerd for Marshal C services.

Proof 3: waitress focusing all attentions on Marshal C instead of the birthday personnels…

Proof 4: the 11 shots of pics featuring n zoomed on Marshal C

Proof 5: the zeal displayed when the bill was passed to Marshal C

Proof 6: another dazzaling smile to Marshal C after everyone left.

but still… event of the day:

1. singing the birthday song, with a retard LOOK and action.

gods.. even steel face GA laugh… mission accomplish! seeing GA even grin! priceless

2. getting feed twice! wow. from e bday gal. LOL!


life @ e big durian is fun as usual…. with 6 bo liao ppl.. taking pics… all sorts of nonsense….

the big mic or durian's supposed to be some romantic spot for couples. well..as soon as e royal tourage arrived. they all left. prob it's a procigniation tt the arrival will spelt disaster.

and sure enough, picnic grps started forming.. soccer stunts arrived…. leg alightment for pics came,..


and more crazy ideas birth from the crazy 6.

F-M-C-R-C-G —> wat anagranms could be form?

CFM GRC — ? confirm GRC?
MR FCCG — ? mr free creepy crazy grp?
FC CMCG –? free creepy confirm mad confirm grp?

hmmmm… ideas……
orange? (hmmm~ holland all e way)
yellow? (Brasil)
red? (emm.. SINGAPORE? WAHAHA) South korean?
white? (germanY! england!.. GERMANY LAH)
black? (germany away team)
blue? (not sky blue! EEK) –> brasil away. japan
purple? (tt's gay color) —> some gay nation…
green? (mexio? speedy gazarlays more like it) (cameroon? ivory coast) sengal? NVM….. CRAP


reservist soon. time to recounile with morris, terry, alex, kimmy!!and the rest ! maybe jason too?
hk stykE!


crabs for supper when his royalness was back. wow! blissed~

favouite food: seafooD! crabs, prawns. lobsters… WA!!!